XBRL SA is an established jurisdiction (full-member country) of XBRL International. It is a not-for-profit consortium of member organisations and individuals, led by its elected Chair, Rakesh Beekum and by the South African working group.


The objectives of XBRL SA are as follows:

  • Promote XBRL
  • Organise the creation of taxonomies
  • Facilitate education and marketing
  • Explain the benefits to government and private organisations
  • Focus on progress of XBRL in the region

To register as a member of XBRL SA, email Mulala Sadiki at mulalas@saica.co.za .

Visit this page (https://za.xbrl.org/ ) for more information on XBRL SA.

XBRL mandate in South Africa

From 1 July 2018, the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) required companies to file financial statements via iXBRL.

Visit www.cipc.co.za for more information and the latest developments on the CIPC’s XBRL programme.

XBRL International

XBRL International is the international standards organisation which develops and maintains the XBRL standard and related specifications in order to improve business reporting for the public good.

Visit www.xbrl.org for more information on XBRL International, the XBRL standard and international XBRL news.