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CA2025: The Chartered Accountant of the Future

As the “world of work” continues to change and evolve, it is essential that we identify the skills that the current and the next generation of business leaders need to develop. This is particularly pertinent to financial services and professional services organisations where technology is dramatically shifting the nature of the work being done and significantly altering the skills that will be needed to perform this work in the future.

To this end, SAICA has launched a research project entitled “CA2025: The Chartered Accountant of the Future” in order to look at and develop a competency frameworks that codifies the broad range of knowledge, skills, professional values (including ethics) and attributes members will need to ensure they remain relevant in a rapidly changing world.

This project will run from now until 2019 so please check this page regularly to keep abreast of new developments.

You can find out more about CA2025 here:

Click here for book.

Click here for video.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new,” said Greek philosopher, Socrates. If this is true, then why, almost 2500 years later, are the disruptive children in the classroom still scolded for being bad apples when they should be praised for changing the status quo?

The world that chartered accountants [CAs(SA)], Alex van der Watt and Stuart van der Veen, occupy today is very different from that of 30 years ago. Fortunately, these young thought leaders are excited by change.

‘The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new’, said Greek philosopher, Socrates. But in the modern world the disruptive children in the classroom are scolded for being bad apples.

Reinvention for relevance Globally, the chartered accounting profession is being asked to look into a crystal ball. No one can say with certainty what the future will hold, but to continue contributing value to society the profession needs to re-imagine itself.
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