Friday Knowledge Cafe: Mental Toughness - Webcast
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SAICA members and associates [CAs(SA) / AGAs(SA) / ATs(SA)], trainees and non-members.


Key take home value:

An impressive toolkit to provide the sharp insights and turnkey observations to empower you to unlock your true potential.


The development of a mental toughness competitive advantage goes beyond the belief that a killer instinct and aggression are the most important mental components necessary for success. The Mind Doctor, Dr Steve Harris' PhD research and work with professional athletes, business people and his own experiences as an international sportsman shows that these approaches are only effective if they are applied selectively within a holistic and developmental context.


Dr Steve Harris, also known as the Mind Doctor, translates a powerful combination of real-world experience, business success and academic insight into a language we can all understand.


08:30 to 10:00

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  • Supported mobile browsers: Chrome, Safari (iOS)
  • Adobe Flash Player : (Not required for Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari)
  • Internet Connection: 5-10mbps download speed is recommended. Check your connection.

Dr Steve Harris, also known as the Mind Doctor, is currently the CEO of eta College. He is skilled in Coaching, Entrepreneurship, Event Management, Team Building, and Public Speaking. Educated at Stellenbosch, UCT, UWC, and Da Vinci, it is actually his background as a World Champion Sportsperson and Award Winning Entrepreneur that set the perfect stage for his MBA (UCT) and his PhD on Mental Toughness.

Dates And Venues
5 March 2021WebcastWebcastReserve a place

Please note this session is complimentary to SAICA members and associates [CAs(SA)/ AGAs(SA)/ ATs(SA)] and trainees.

Non- members are welcome to join in at R300 (incl VAT).

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Please book online by Wednesday, 3 March 2021.

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Members/Associates/TraineesR 0,00
Non- membersR 300,00
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