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CA 2010 Gap Analysis Research Project

The objectives of this research project were, inter alia, as follows:

  • Determine awareness of the planned SAICA CA 2010 Training Programme
  • Identify gaps in the ability of the training office to deliver practical experience in relation to the competencies prescribed in the CA 2010 Training Programme

The research report also specifies those competencies (in relation to the SAICA prescribed competencies) for which there is the greatest need for future training

CA 2010 Gap Analysis (800Kb PDF)

CA 2010 Training Programme Gap Analysis Research (2010) (2Mb PDF)

SAICA Trainee and Training Officer Satisfaction Survey

The objectives of the research project were as follows:

  • To establish the attitudes of the trainees and training officers regarding the role of SAICA with regard to training.
  • To explore the needs and expectations of trainees in respect of support initiatives, products and services to improve their experience of the training programme.
  • To understand the training officers’ perceptions, expectations, preferences and dislikes regarding the trainee programme.
  • To gain insight into additional products and services that could enhance the training programme.
  • To identify factors that could improve the current regulatory/evaluation systems used by SAICA.

SAICA Trainee and Training Officer Satisfaction 2009 report (800Kb PDF)

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