SAICA's commitment to Sustainability

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Sustainability And Integrated Reporting

SAICA's Commitment To Sustainability

SAICA's Commitment to Sustainability

The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants

The Board and management of SAICA believe that the future of humankind is seriously threatened by the impact of global warming and climate change. They believe the only way for humankind to avoid disaster is to follow a strategy of sustainable development, where economic development is achieved in harmony with environmental priorities and social upliftment together with the eradication of poverty.

To achieve these objectives all countries and organisations need to play an active and dynamic role. Accordingly, the Board and management of SAICA believe that every organisation should entrench sustainability objectives into their strategies and operations, and all organisations should report to their stakeholders on sustainability issues, both positive and negative.

Furthermore, the Board and management of SAICA believe that companies that are sustainability-focused will also be more effective and profitable in the long-run.

Accordingly, SAICA will work with its members, trainees and students, as well as its other stakeholders to achieve global sustainability. It therefore commits itself to:

  • Embed sustainability objectives into its own strategies and operations;
  • Provide education and training programmes for its members, trainees and students on sustainability issues;
  • Provide information to members, trainees, students and the general public on sustainability issues, risks and opportunities;
  • Run and facilitate support programmes to train chartered accountants from disadvantaged communities so that the SAICA membership ulltimately mirrors the population demographics of the country;
  • Promote the importance of sustainability reporting among members, trainees, students and the general  public (where possible);
  • Establish and run programmes to train accountants and accounting personnel for the public and private sectors to reduce the country’s skills shortages and lift the earning capacity of individuals;
  • Run enterprise development and skills training programmes for people from disadvantaged communities, which also will provide a medium through which other organisations can contribute to enterprise development;
  • Assist accounting organisations in SADC countries to improve education and training programmes and other services to facilitate the economic development  and social upliftment of those countries;
  • Assist accounting organisations in SADC countries to implement adequate reporting and governance standards in those countries that will contribute to the attractiveness of those countries as investment destinations;
  • Strive to meet the objectives of the CA Charter negotiated by the stakeholders involved in the accountancy profession and to contribute to the empowerment of black South Africans;
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