Public Sector Audit Committee Forum

Last Updated Wednesday, September 11, 2019 2:07:45 PM

SAICA is a founding member of the Public Sector Audit Committee Forum (PSACF) and it continues to participate in, and support, the activities of the PSACF in order to support its objectives; namely to raise awareness of and provide thought leadership on matters that relate to the function, duties and composition of public sector audit committees and to maintain a database of individuals who are experienced and qualified to serve as public sector audit committee members.

The objectives of the PSACF are addressed through the following activities:

  • research and drafting of guidance papers aimed at public sector audit committees;
  • hosting of roundtables to share knowledge on guidance papers; and
  • maintenance of a database of public sector audit committee members.

In addition, the PSACF provides a platform for advertising vacancies on public sector audit committees. If you would like to be alerted to events and guidance papers on matters relating to public sector audit committees, or vacancies seeking applications for positions on public sector audit committees, we would encourage you to register your profile on the PSACF website. For more details on the PSACF and to view guidance papers published, please visit the PSACF website.

The PSACF was founded, and is supported by:

  • Institute of Directors in Southern Africa
  • Institute for Internal Auditors in South Africa
  • South African Institute of Chartered Accountants
  • Institute of Risk Management South Africa
  • National Treasury
  • Auditor-General South Africa
  • Development Bank of Southern Africa