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SAICA is aware of the intermittent access problems experienced by members on the Operational Query Register (OQR). The matter is being investigated and will be resolved as soon as possible. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Welcome to the SAICA Operational Query Register (OQR)

Last Updated 04 March 2016 09:43:48 AM

The purpose of the Operating Query Register (OQR) is to give members a platform to submit long outstanding SARS and CIPC queries, and for SAICA to obtain statistics on common problems being experienced by members with these stakeholders.

PLEASE NOTE: SAICA does not take responsibility for resolving the query but merely acts as a conduit and an alternative query resolution process with these stakeholders. Any queries logged by trainees must be done so under the supervision of a SAICA member and/or tax practitioner and must have been approved by that member/tax practitioner prior to submission.

Before submitting the queries to the OQR, members should have followed the SARS escalation processes and the CIPC service delivery standard processes, stated below:

SARS Process to be followed before escalating a query:

    • SARS contact centre;
    • Tax practitioner e-mail/ fax facility;
    • Use of tax practitioners desk at branch office via appointment system / taxpayer branch office general queues;
    • Escalate to branch manager where taxpayer is registered; and

CIPC Process to be followed before escalating a query:

  • Submit Queries which are outside of CIPC’s service delivery standards via the CIPC Query Resolution System (QRS).
  • The query will follow a 3-tier escalation process (Automatically escalated)
    • When a query is lodged via the Query Resolution System(QRS), the customer will receive a reference number, which should be used in all correspondence with CIPC relating to the enquiry.
    • 1st tier - 3 days to resolve enquiry
      If the query is not resolved within two days after submission, it will automatically be escalated to the 2nd tier of the escalation process, namely to the manager of the business unit.
    • 2nd tier - 2 days to resolve enquiry
      The manager of the business unit has three business days to resolve the query, and if not done, it will automatically escalate to the 3rd tier of the escalation process, namely the senior manager of the business division.
    • 3rd tier - 5 days to resolve enquiry
      The senior manager of the business unit has 5 business days to follow up and resolve the query.

Once the query is received by SAICA through the OQR it will be assessed for completeness and accuracy then escalated to SARS and CIPC for resolution. You will receive confirmation of the progress of your query up until it is submitted to the Stakeholders. Please note if you have received no communication/response from the stakeholders within 2 weeks of escalation, please resubmit your query.

Please click on the link below to log your operational query, for SARS or CIPC related matters.