Guide Title Download PDF
Medical Schemes Accounting Guide for the Year End 31 December 2020 2 MB
The SAICA Companies Act Guide (released April 2020) (Members Only) Login to access the guide
SAICA Guide in Respect of the Duties of the Commissioner of Oaths (Revised January 2020 – Version 4) 109 Kb
Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) on the Zimbabwe functional currency 299 Kb
Guide on Regulatory Reporting Duties (Updated June 2019) 600 Kb
Summary of changes made to the IFAC Guide to Using ISAs in the Audits of Small-and Medium-Sized Entities - Fourth Edition - Volume 1 and 2 461 Kb
Guide on Retention of Records (Updated April 2019) 1 Mb
2019 Audit Committee Medical Schemes Guide 986 Kb
Social Media Guideline 2 Mb
Guide Relating to Factual Findings Report in Terms of the Immigration Act and the Immigration Regulations (Issued August 2018) 400 Kb
SAICA Guide: Engagement Letters for Non-Assurance Services 176 Kb
Guide on Considering the International Standards to be used for Audits, Reviews, Other Assurance, and Related Services Engagements (Issued July 2017) 200 Kb
SAICA Guide on Close Corporations (Revised May 2015 - Version 2) 1,5 Mb
Summary of changes to the SAICA Guide on Close Corporations (version 1 to version 2) 728 Kb
Guidance on the provision of non-audit services by the auditor of a company (Issued March 2015) 200 Kb
Revised Guide on Pro Forma Financial Information (Revised and Issued September 2014) 696 Kb
Guide on The Consumer Protection Act (Issued February 2014) 700 Kb
The SAICA Companies Act Guide (released August 2012) 739 Kb
Guide on Financial Reporting by Share Block Companies 143 Kb
Guide on Trading Whilst Factually Insolvent 140 Kb