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Auditor Reporting- the new and revised requirements: Getting to grips with the changes (November 2016)

This seminar was originally presented in November 2015.

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New Auditor’s Report:  It is not just going to affect auditors!

Joint SAICA / JSE panel discussion held on 31 March 2015 at the JSE Auditorium in Sandton, Johannesburg
Members are invited to join a panel of experts to consider and discuss what chief financial officers of listed companies, audit committees, auditors and investors can expect in terms of the impact of the new auditor’s report. All participants in the financial reporting supply chain and users of audited financial statements will be affected and should be prepared for the changes. Although certain requirements are only applicable to audits of listed entities, others will affect all audits. The panel discussion unpacks the key changes to the auditor’s report in the areas of communication of key audit matters in the auditor’s report and enhanced auditor reporting on going concern.

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New Auditor’s Report:  Straight from the horse’s mouth

Joint SAICA / IRBA event held on 19 May 2015 at the FNB Conference Centre in Sandton, Johannesburg
Members are invited to experience this unique event where auditors had the privilege of hearing first hand – from the horse’s mouth – from the drafters of the new and revised auditor reporting standards of the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB). Professor Arnold Schilder, IAASB Chairman, Kathy Healy, IAASB Technical Director and Dan Montgomery, Immediate past Deputy Chair of the IAASB and Chair of the Auditor Reporting Implementation Working Group visited South Africa in May 2015. As part of their visit, they facilitated this presentation and discussion session to raise awareness and understanding of the new auditor reporting requirements, including the reasons for the changes and their anticipated impact.