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Standards and Legislation newsletter

Standards and Legislation news - 29 January 2018

  • Podcast: Evolving with blockchain
    In this podcast, Ron Quaranta of the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance and Erik Asgeirsson of CPA.com discuss how blockchain offers tremendous opportunities for accountants.

Standards and Legislation news - 18 January 2018

Standards and Legislation news - 7 December 2017   

  • IRBA Inspections: JSE Accreditation of Auditors
    The IRBA Inspections Department provides clarity on the new listing requirement for an audit regulator to have completed a firm-wide independent quality control inspection on the audit firm.
  • IRBA issues Exposure Draft: Proposed SAAEPS 1
    The IRBA have issued proposed SAAEPS 1, Sustainability Assurance Engagement Concepts: Evaluating the Rational Purpose, the Appropriateness of the Underlying Subject Matter and the Suitability of Criteria for exposure for public comment by 29 March 2018.
  • Blockchain, AI, and Accounting
    Blockchain technology, although most well-known for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, is forecasted to have wide-ranging implications for how data is secured, transmitted, and protected.

 Standards and Legislation news - 9 November 2017

  • Webcast: Blockchain will impact accounting
    Rich de Moll, Vice President, Blockchain Solutions for Finance IBM, discusses how the technology will allow accountants and auditors the ability to trust the data Blockchain provides.

 Standards and Legislation news - 12 October 2017   

  • IAASB: ISA 600 Project Update
    A publication was issued on the matters that are being considered in revising ISA 600. Revisions relating to group audits are also considered in other IAASB projects.
  • Keeping the Audit Profession Attractive
    Accountancy Europe gathered views on the audit profession's attractiveness, as well as ideas on keeping it attractive, by interviewing 21 key stakeholders.

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