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December/ January 2020 issue

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April 2015 issue
  • Overview: New Auditor’s Report by Linda de Beer CA(SA), Chartered Director (SA), is the immediate past chairman of the Consultative Advisory Group of the IAASB
  • Focus on Key Audit Matters by Ciara Reintjes CA(SA) and Registered Auditor, is a Senior Professional Manager: Standards at the IRBA

July 2015 issue

  • What’s going on With Going Concern? By Edwin Selbst CA(SA) and Registered Auditor, a Head of Audit Risk Consulting at W. Consulting South Africa and Chairman of the SAICA Assurance Guidance Committee
  • Effect on Smaller Entities by Henk Heymans CA(SA) and Registered Auditor, is a Head of Audit and Dexter Moyo CA(SA) a technical manager, both at RSM Betty & Dickson - Johannesburg

August 2015 issue

19 January 2015 issue