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Virtual Office

21 November 2011  by Dumisani Macheke  | Filed in Software Reviews

A virtual office is a combination of off-site live communication and address service that allow users to reduce traditional office costs while maintaining professionalism.

This type of office space has become very popular amongst small businesses. Regardless of your business location the business Center’s receptionists will answer your phone calls in your company’s name and take messages for you providing you and your business a professional image at all times


Canon EOS 600D

21 November 2011  by Dumisani Macheke  | Filed in Gadget Reviews

Canon has launched a new kid on the block the Canon EOS 600D camera that allows users to change the looks of an image and control its background without the users having any technical background.

This camera also gains multi-aspects ratio shooting in live view, it offers a range of effect that can be applied to images after shooting including toy camera, fisheye and fake-minature looks.


Internet Usage Via Cell phones

21 November 2011  by Dumisani Macheke  | Filed in News

Research was conducted by a team of researchers from Mobility 2011 Research projects in February 2011 and the research was done through all South Africans and it showed that thirty-nine percent of urban South Africans and twenty-seven percent of rural users over the age of sixteen are now browsing the internet on their mobile phones.

This might be as a result that most South Africans have more access to cell phones compare to internet café or internet places or maybe internet through cell phones is much cheaper.


Things to Consider when Buying an IPod

16 November 2011  by Dumisani Macheke  | Filed in News

IPod is a portable media player created and marketed by Apple. The product line-up currently consists of the hard drive-based iPod Classic, the touch screen iPod touch, the compact iPod Nano and the ultra-compact iPod Shuffle.

The iPod Classic model stores media on an internal hard drive; while all other models use flash memory to enable their smaller size (the discounted Mini used a Micro drive miniature hard drive). All of the models of IPod have been redesigned multiple times since their introduction


Things to Consider when Buying a Computer

15 November 2011  by Dumisani Macheke  | Filed in News

Computers are already considered essential electronics to our everyday lives. At first, personal computers were only found in work places. Previously, computers were expensive and could only be bought at certain shops but now that has changed.

Personal computers are now affordable and accessible and can be found in places such as shops, offices, homes and libraries.


Online trading

18 November 2011  by Dumisani Macheke  | Filed in Software Reviews

Online trading is a popular activity of buying and selling over the internet through a broker’s software. Online trading gives you the ability to expand your business for a relatively low cost because it reduces the amount of resource (such as time, effort and money) you have to devote to managing these accounts and transactions.

.Internet companies such as Amazon.com and Ebay have been successful in using online trading but there also have been many businesses that have tried and failed with online trading so it recommended that you first consider whether or not your business will benefit from it.


Basic tasks in PowerPoint 2010

15 November 2011  by Dumisani Macheke  | Filed in Software Reviews

Here are basic steps on how to create a Powerpoint Presentation.

PowerPoint 2010 allows you to apply built-in templates, to apply your own custom templates, and to search from a variety of templates available on the website. To find a template in PowerPoint 2010, do the following:


Understanding Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

11 November 2011  by Dumisani Macheke  | Filed in Software Reviews

VoIP also known as IP telephony is a group of technologies, methodologies, communication protocols and transmission techniques for the delivery of voice communication and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol(IP) networks.

VoIP allows you to use your internet connection to make telephone calls and involves sending voice information in a digital form in discrete packets. VoIP uses digital technology and requires a high-speed broadband connection such as DSL or cable.


Things to Consider when Buying a Cell Phone

16 November 2011  by Dumisani Macheke  | Filed in News

Electronic gadgets have become part of our lives and play a significant role on delivering compact entertainment and unequalled communication to consumers, especially those devices that can be use anywhere around the world.

In this article we will focus on what should be considered when buying some of the best-known and most-used electronic devices namely: Cellular /Mobile phones


The top 6 must-have gadgets for people in business

5 October 2011 by Dumisani Macheke  | Filed in News

DigiMemo - This is a digital notepad that can be linked to a PC via USB captures and stores digitally everything you write or draw with ink on ordinary paper. The DigiMemo easily organize notes using, the DigiMemo Manager Software in Windows.

This powerful gadget allows you to save notes in PDF, TIF, BMP, PNG or GIF and can send them through email via Outlook. A DigiMemo package will include the following items: Portable Digital Pad, Digital Inking Pen etc


Motorola Atrix 4G

26 September 2011 by Dumisani Macheke  | Filed in Mobile

It’s finally here the Motorola Atrix 4G smart phone we all have been waiting for. This powerhouse smart phone from Motorola is capable of performing double the duty that a CPU of a full-fledged laptop perfoms. Motorola Atrix 4G is a dual-core 1GHz processor running android 2.2, a GB of RAM, front- and rear-facing cameras, and access to AT & T’s future 4G network.

You also need to know that this phone is a game-changer because of its laptop and HD Multimedia docking systems.


Windows 8 Developer Preview

21 September 2011  by Dumisani Macheke  | Filed in Software Reviews

A revolutionary camera has recently been introduced to the world by a relatively new US company called Lytro, making the next step forward in the field of photography.

The camera's revolutionary feature is not its "oblong" appearance, but its ability to allow its user to focus on any part of an image… after a picture has been taken – shoot now; focus later.


SMART Vantage Technology Management(TM) the future Classroom

21 September 2011 by Dumisani Macheke  | Filed in Software Reviews

SMART Vantage Technology Management (TM) is easy-to-use software that provides key data to administrator and technology directors. This software is used to manage and understand how SMART Board interactive whiteboard and projectors are being used.

This can be done by logging in to the web-based interface to view data related to all the interactive whiteboard systems connect to your network including those with projectors from other vendors.


Facebook improves its privacy control

16 September 2011 by Dumisani Macheke  | Filed in Software Reviews

This comes as a result of research on its users. Facebook has new controls for sharing personal information on the social network. The new features appears to be similar to those found in Google +. I think facebook was ignorant from the start when it comes to privacy and they have learnt the hard way. This feature allows users to control who sees their information and to have more control over the photographs they appear in. In the roll out the company plans to move a number of privacy control which previously required navigating to a separate setting page – to users homes pages and profile pages, next to where they view and post content.


Google taking ownership of your online ID

15 September 2011 by Dumisani Macheke  | Filed in Filed in Software Reviews

Ever since Google lunched its own social network (Google Plus), their intensions were to challenge their competitors, facebook. this will not be easy seemingly that facebook has over 750 million users and still growing, one needs to remember that the facebook users are the same target audience that Google + is aiming.

The big question is what does Google + brings to the table that its competitors are not providing.


Lytro – Revolutionary Photography

24 October 2011 by Matina Kavallieratos  | Filed in Gadget Reviews

A revolutionary camera has recently been introduced to the world by a relatively new US company called Lytro, making the next step forward in the field of photography.

The camera's revolutionary feature is not its "oblong" appearance, but its ability to allow its user to focus on any part of an image… after a picture has been taken – shoot now; focus later.


Kindle Fire – Battling the iPad with Price

10 October 2011 by Matina Kavallieratos  | Filed in Gadget Reviews

Mango HTC

On Wednesday 28 September 2011, Amazon released its long-awaited Kindle Fire, a colour touchscreen computer-tablet priced at $199, a price deemed sufficiently low to challenge the iPad domination in the tablet market.

Jeff Bezos, the Chairman and CEO of Amazon.com, also presented the Kindle Touch, a black-and-white electronic book reader that will retail at $99 and a new version of the Kindle, at an even more economical $79.


Making a Video of Thoughts

10 October 2011 Matina Kavallieratos  | Filed in Software Reviews

A group of scientists in the US are using a revolutionary method to be able to see what thoughts volunteers who participated in their experiment were having.

More specifically, volunteers were asked to watch YouTube video clips, while researchers managed to reproduce, on-screen, scenes from the videos being watched, as these were imprinted in the minds of the volunteers.


Music-Sharing Service for BBM

15 September 2011 by Dumisani Macheke  | Filed in Software Reviews

On the 24th of August 2011 the maker of Black Berry smart phones launched BBM Music. This music sharing service allows Black Berry users to access 50 songs that can be streamed or stored on their smartphone.

The maker of Black Berry smartphone have joined partnership with the big guns in the music industry to provide millions of songs to users, this music companies include Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment.


Mango HTCs

6 September 2011 by Matina Kavallieratos  | Filed in Gadget Reviews

Mango HTC

In an event held on 1 September 2011 in the US, HTC revealed the first of its Mango-based phones – the Titan (code name Eternity) and the Radar (code name Omega).

These releases announce Microsoft's attempt to challenge Apple- and Android-based platforms with Mango (Windows Phone 7.5), and the first of a number of planned new devices, including a large number from Nokia, in the coming months.


Smartphone users beware - hackers on the loose

13 August 2011 by Nazeer Patel | Filed in Mobile

As smartphones become more ubiquitous, so too does the threat of attack from hackers intent on wreaking all sorts of havoc.

Statistics from Nielsen indicate the 38% of American adults now own an iPhone, BlackBerry or other mobile phone that runs the Android, Windows or WebOS operating systems which is a huge increase from the 6% who owned a smartphone in 2007.


Clean your Hard Drive with GetFoldersize

8 August 2011 by Nazeer Patel | Filed in Software Reviews

Just like most users, you only really worry about cleaning your hard drive when you are close to running out of space.

I found a nice utility called GetFoldersize that assists in this clean up by scanning the drive and then displaying which folders are using most of your hard drive space.


Getting a Wiimote to work with an Android Device

8 August 2011 by Nazeer Patel | Filed in Gadget Reviews

There are numerous games available for download on Android devices but using the touch screen or small keyboard buttons to navigate becomes cumbersome and spoils the entire gaming experience.

But no more! Through a hack and an app, gamers have been able to use a Nintendo Wiimote to play games on Android devices.


Hacking a little closer to home

8 August 2011 by Nazeer Patel | Filed in News

We normally view hacking as one computer attacking or infiltrating another with the victim usually being a corporate or a person who loses a few grand.

We never consider that due to the technologies built into medical devices or even car systems that they too are vulnerable to attack.


Designing your own kitchen

8 August 2011 by Nazeer Patel | Filed in Software Reviews

As I am currently redesigning my kitchen, I am on the lookout for easy to use kitchen design software that is free of charge (as we accountants prefer).

There are numerous sites offering some sort of software but some are too complicated, others want to take control of your machine and others offer too little detail.


Fingerprint scanner to spot the living dead

8 August 2011 by Nazeer Patel | Filed in News

I often have a fear, that due to increased reliance being placed on fingerprints to access one's possessions, criminals may decide to just lop off the digit and have carte blanche to a person's possessions. A company in Germany has allayed my fears by developing scanner technology that can decipher between living and dead tissue


SA's BlackBerry App Master

3 August 2011 by Nazeer Patel | Filed in News

I was proud to read that a South African developer has been given the title of BlackBerry App Master for the development of an app for the BlackBerry PlayBook that will soon be released nationwide.

Joe Diedericks won the award for his application entitled 'Salon Queen'.


World's first printed plane

3 August 2011 by Nazeer Patel | Filed in News

Even though 3D printing has been around for a while now, I was astounded to note that scientists have been able to create a 1.5m wingspan drone (unmanned aircraft) using a 3D printer within a period of one week!

Considering the technology and accuracy required for construction of an aircraft, this is an amazing feat.


Cell C - "Whooshed" Out

3 August 2011 by Matina Kavallieratos | Filed in Gadget Reviews

The old adage of "if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is" seems to have been written for the Cell C Whoosh! campaign.

It started on a very promising note, offering 12-month 2GB and 5GB packages, which could be purchased outside of contract terms and which promised decent coverage in most areas of Gauteng, with faster internet connectivity.


Useful Outlook 2010 Features – Quick Steps

21 July 2011 by Matina Kavallieratos | Filed in Software Reviews

Outlook can often be overlooked as a business application, as it does not seem to have the same position in the Office suite as an application like Excel. Its value, however, cannot be underestimated, for those who "live" in this mail environment.

In its latest guise (2010), Outlook has really been smartened up and aligned with the rest of the Office applications, sporting a Ribbon interface for accessing functions and the same polished interface that was missing in the 2007 version.


Go Live or Die - TomTom Go Live 1000 Review

8 July 2011 by Nazeer Patel | Filed in Gadget Reviews

Picture this. You are driving on the M1 or the N3 for an early morning meeting at work. Traffic seems to be flowing smoothly and as a result you eagerly anticipate arriving half an hour earlier.

However just as you pass a bend, the sickening site of what seems like thousands of cars stuck in a traffic jam puts a damper on the morning mood very quickly. If only you had sufficient warning, you could have taken the previous off-ramp and bypassed the traffic chaos.


Accounting Software Review

8 July 2011 by Nazeer Patel | Filed in Software Reviews

One of the many challenges facing small and medium business owners is the ability to maintain accurate financial records. This is due to their primary focus being on the operations of the business leaving little time to ensure that all their transactions have been properly and accurately recorded.

Also, manual record keeping has been replaced by a myriad of software packages which has left the often technophobic business owner even more confused.


Never go to a party without this one

22 June 2011 by Jaco Venter | Filed in Gadget Reviews

You know the feeling. You've been to a party, had a couple of drinks. You know you are OK. But on your way home you see a roadblock ahead…
With this nifty tool you never need to worry about driving under the influence again.
This pocket-sized breathalyser is incredibly easy to use, just blow over the sensor for 3-5 seconds while the built-in timer counts down, then read your test results from the nifty built in LCD. If it reads between 0.05 or 0.08 BAC* the alcohol tester will beep and display a caution symbol to show that you are dangerously close to or over the limit**.


Reliving the past

22 June 2011 by Jaco Venter | Filed in Gadget Reviews

Consider the advantages of reviving all those old videos you don't even remember having - ah, the old school play, granny's birthday, Christmas '96, that shoddy taped-from-TV copy of 'Who's the Boss'?

All these can be yours again! It might look relatively innocuous, but the Video 2 PC device will allow you to bring back all those (slightly grainy) memories in no time at all. Simply install the included EZ Video Converter software, plug the USB end into your computer and the supplied cabling into your VCR, press play and get capturing. 


Old meets new

22 June 2011 by Jaco Venter | Filed in Gadget Reviews

Still having some old vinyl's at home? You loved the songs and adored the artists. And you wish you could listen to them again
Well, here is the answer.

With the LP to iPod Turntable all you need to do is pop the iPod in the integrated dock and you're good to go. And it looks fantastic.


Show off in the dark

22 June 2011 by Jaco Venter | Filed in Gadget Reviews

Thinking of having a party? Then this Laser Theatre is for you. The Laser Theatre is, frankly, an astounding piece of kit that allows you to create an extremely professional-looking laser light show that's so big it could be projected onto the side of your house.

There are some extremely powerful built-in laser projectors (red and green) that you can control yourself. Choose the lens, pick a speed for the lights to whiz around at and enjoy the show!


For the young at heart

22 June 2011 by Jaco Venter | Filed in Gadget Reviews

We all know that CA's work hard, but we also know they play hard when the time is right.

So here is a gadget right up your alley, although it might not be a good idea to blast this one actually in an alley!

The Ion Block Rocker Portable PA Speaker System with iPod Dock is the ultimate in mobile party systems. It is made from heavy duty aluminium and sits on a two wheeled base with a retractable handle.


Power to the iPhone

22 June 2011 by Jaco Venter | Filed in Gadget Reviews

For all our iPhone users, when your iPhone is suffering from exhaustion, there are several different chargers on the market that can help you. But I bet none is as cool as the iPhone Solar & USB Mooncharge.

You can use the power of the sun (or a USB port), you can give your iPhone a new power boost in just 15 minutes! All you have to do to is to leave your charger in the sun and wait for the red light to flick on.


MS Excel tips

21 June 2011 by Jaco Venter | Filed in Software Reviews

for some tips and tricks using Excel...


Lenovo U1 – Best of Both Worlds

21 June 2011 by Matina Kavallieratos | Filed in Gadget Reviews

For those who may not quite be ready for moving away from the processing power of a laptop or desktop and enjoy hearing the clicking of the keys on a keyboard, rather than the silent sliding of fingers over a glass surface on a tablet PC, the Lenovo U1 may be the perfect transitional tool, for all intents and purposes, giving its user the option of using either a laptop or a tablet.

The idea of this "hybrid" device is that the keyboard portion would house a full Intel Core 2 Duo processor, allowing the device to function with all the power of a PC, off a Windows OS, while the users works at a desk or a static location, leveraging the full power of a desk-based PC.


Should Facebook's Facial Recognition Feature concern you?

20 June 2011 by Nazeer Patel | Filed in News

When the news broke that Facebook had implemented facial recognition technology without informing users, people were alarmed that such technology could be seen as an invasion of privacy. But how could this be?

Let's assume that I saw someone interesting at a coffee shop and I wanted to obtain information about them.


Cell phones and cancer – I am afraid!

13 June 2011 by Nazeer Patel | Filed in Mobile

On the 1st June 2011 the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) announced at the end of an eight-day meeting in Lyon, France that "radio-frequency electromagnetic fields generated by wireless devices are "possibly carcinogenic to humans,". This was based on a study spanning the last decade.

The cell phone, which can be seen as one of the greatest inventions of the modern world has seen exponential growth globally. I don't believe that studies like this will have any effect on this growth as people see cell phones as a necessity.


"Ivy Bridge" - Intel's Second Generation Processors

1 June 2011 by Matina Kavallieratos | Filed in Gadget Reviews

It would appear that the 3D "revolution" is no longer limited to TV and cinema experiences. In January 2011, Intel unveiled its new generation of "3D" Tri-Gate microprocessors (code name Ivy Bridge).

Despite the rather odd name, the advances promised by the product are significant.


An "Eternal" Battery for Mobiles and Laptops

17 May 2011 by Matina Kavallieratos | Filed in Gadget Reviews

Experts at the University of Illinois have created an "eternal" battery, using nanotechnology to do so. Specifically, the scientists replaced the traditional metallic wiring of a mobile phone battery with nanotubes, extending the battery life by at least one hundred times.

"I think anyone who is dealing with a lot of chargers and plugging things in every night can relate to wanting a cell phone or laptop whose batteries can last for weeks or months," said Eric Pop, of Illinois University's Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, who led the research.

Olympic Mobile Phone

11 May 2011 by Matina Kavallieratos | Filed in Gadget Reviews

The management teams of Samsung and Visa announced their intention to incorporate the latest technological innovations in the field of payments in their sponsorship of the 2012 Olympic Games in London, enabling consumers to make payments via their mobile phones, using a Samsung device to be created specifically for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

This innovation is expected to change the way in which payments are made in London and worldwide leading up to and during the Games, resulting in quicker and more efficient transaction payments via mobile phones.

Internet Explorer 9 – Up and Running!

3 May 2011 by Matina Kavallieratos | Filed in Software Reviews

The new version of Internet Explorer is now readily available for download in 40 languages, hoping to respond to the challenge set out by the new Safari and Chrome offerings. IE9 is significantly faster than its predecessor, as it utilises graphic card functionality, while its appearance has been simplified so as to keep the user's focus almost exclusively on the website being viewed.

However, IE9 cannot be installed with Windows XP, the operating system still being used by 40% to 50% of PCs worldwide. According to Microsoft, the faster speed of IE9, which leverages the functionality of the graphics' processor, is not compatible with XP drivers.

"Talking" Credit Cards

3 May 2011 by Matina Kavallieratos | Filed in Gadget Reviews

New York - A new generation of interactive credit cards that "speak" have been developed by experts at Dynamics Inc., with the aim of continuously briefing users of their account balance – and much more.

The new cards, which at first sight do not seem very different from their predecessors, are expected to enter the American market within 2011.

Back to the Future – the Phonophone 

05 April 2011 by Matina Kavallieratos | Filed in News

For those of you who are Apple acolytes and who enjoy adding to their existing hardware collections of iPod or iPhone gadgets, the Phonophone may be just that something a little special that will complete the accessory set.

The device is, in essence, an unusual docking station for an iPod or an iPhone, with a reverential "retro" reference to one of the first devices used for the reproduction of sound. Despite its old-world feel and elegant design though, it uses the latest technology to deliver on good-quality sound (55 decibels, to be precise), which is equivalent to the best possible performance of laptop speakers.

The end of "Death by Powerpoint" 

24 Nov 2010 by Nazeer Patel | Filed in Useful links

Death by PowerPoint" is a phrase often used to indicate a state of boredom induced by information overload during presentations using Microsoft's PowerPoint. Many experts provide presentation tips and tricks to ensure that the audience is always engaged. One of the simplest tricks is the use of graphics and colours to make a dull presentation vibrant. I have come across a very useful piece of software called VisualBee to quickly enhance presentations.

Building websites for beginners 

23 Nov 2010 by Nazeer Patel | Filed in Useful links

If you, like me, have a desire to learn how to build websites, then look no further. I have come across an excellent site that provides information on website creation using easy to learn tutorials and code examples. There is no cost and you will, within a very short period be able to build your own website!

Lowest call rates in South Africa – 25c per minute!  

23 Nov 2010 by Nazeer Patel | Filed in News

Yes, this is not a misprint. FNB Connect has introduced the country's lowest local and global call rates of only 25c per minute!

It's finally here! DStv Mobile launched! 

23 Nov 2010 by Nazeer Patel | Filed in News

Multichoice has finally launched its DSTV service for mobile phones. The subscription allows subscribers access to 4 Supersport channels, 1 music channel, 1 local entertainment channel and Cartoon Network.

Know your netbook from your notebook 

20 Nov 2010 by Nazeer Patel | Filed in Useful links

The Netbook
Is a netbook really just a less powerful notebook? The short answer is "yes" – its specifications are lower, its form factor is smaller, it weighs less, and it's far cheaper. Netbooks are also a lot less powerful, and while their batteries generally last longer than a notebook's, they just can't handle the kind of tasks a notebook can.

10 Reasons why you should go MAC 

12 Nov 2010 by Nazeer Patel | Filed in Gadget Reviews

Mac computers are ready to rock the minute you take one home and come preloaded with everything you need - operating system and e-mail, chat, calendar, iTunes and iPhoto applications, to name a few.

Wireless boom box speaker for smart phones 

8 Nov 2010 by Nazeer Patel | Filed in Mobile

San Francisco - Jawbone has packed the monster sound of a boom box in a pocket-sized "Jambox" that wirelessly adds home-theatre sound to mobile gadgets from smart phones to tablet computers.

The San Francisco firm known for fashionable earpieces for smart phones crafted its trademark blend of art and engineering into an "intelligent wireless speaker".

SA's top Android phones

8 Nov 2010 by Nazeer Patel | Filed in Mobile

2010 has been Google's year on the mobile front, with its Android mobile operating system amassing a huge following. And with Symbian's days on top numbered according to analysts, the ball is firmly in Android's court. Of course, picking a device can be a problem, so that's where our list comes in.

Samsung Galaxy S
The Galaxy S has made Samsung a ton of money, and for good reason. With a large Super AMOLED screen, 1GHZ processor, Android 2.1 (with 2.2 available) and DivX HD playback, the device certainly packs a punch.  

World's first camera and projector in one

7 Nov 2010 by Nazeer Patel | Filed in Gadget Reviews

I was excited to see the world's first camera and projector in one on the Gadget Show recently – the Nikon Coolpix s1000pj. It may have been unveiled last year but this was the first time I had seen such a concept.

Many people who love taking photos have a challenge of showing off their masterpieces through the inconvenience of connecting the camera to a TV or copying the photos to a computer.

How to set up a flat-screen TV: Start with the manual

8 Nov 2010 by Nazeer Patel | Filed in Gadget Reviews

The first thing you need to do once you've unpacked your new flat screen TV and connected it to your DVD player, DSTV and antennae, is to go back to the box, and find the manual.

A guide to free eBooks

7 Nov 2010 by Nazeer Patel | Filed in Useful links

The transition from print to digital is considered to be one of the biggest stories of the decade. Don't believe me? Just ask Rupert Murdoch, head of News Corp. Finding digital books can be a bit of a mission though, so we take a look at a few websites offering free eBooks!

Risk management tools in the evaluation of IT investments

28 Oct 2010 by Nazeer Patel | Filed in News

I stumbled across some very interesting research done by Mdu Gama. He has made history by becoming the first recipient of a PhD in Finance to be awarded by the University of Johannesburg for his groundbreaking research in the area of capital investment in IT. His study concludes that less than 30% of decision makers within South African government departments and government owned institutions conduct risk analysis regarding their IT investments. We congratulate Mdu for his efforts as this research stresses the importance of effective risk management.

Cell C announces cheapest 3G broadband data rates

28 Oct 2010 by Nazeer Patel | Filed in News

Cell C has stepped up their game by providing the cheapest 3G broadband data rates albeit prepaid. These are available in Durban and Nelspruit currently and will be available in Gauteng around the December period. For a once off payment of R1499 including a USB stick (R999 without USB speedstick) a user will receive 2G of data a month for 12 months. I know of a user who bought the data deal in Durban and is using it in Johannesburg unofficially! He has download speeds of up to 5meg per second!  

Data Mining: What is Data Mining?

25 Oct 2010 by Jaco Venter | Filed in Software Reviews

Overview Data mining is the process of analysing data from different angles and presenting it as useful information - information that can be used to increase revenue, cuts costs, or both.

Data mining software allows users to analyse data from many different dimensions or angles, categorise it, and summarise the relationships identified. Data mining is the process of finding correlations or patterns among any number of fields in large sets of data.

How does data mining work?

25 Oct 2010 by Jaco Venter | Filed in Software Reviews

As we have seen in the first article, data mining is an ideal tool to analyse large data sets in order to improve the revenue of a business. This article will explore how data mining works.

Most IT systems in use are transactional. This means that transactions are processed in the system and the data of the transaction is stored in the system's database.

Data Mining Client for Excel 2007

25 Oct 2010 by Jaco Venter | Filed in Software Reviews

With the release of Excel 2007 and SQL Server 2008, it is now possible to build complex statistical models directly in Excel, using the "Data Mining Client for Excel 2007" add-on software.

This Excel add-in processes those models on a server running Analysis Services, which greatly reduces the time and effort required to extract information from the raw data. It also allows end-users with limited statistical programming experience to analyse their data using the most powerful algorithms currently available.

ASAP Utilities for Excel  

25 Oct 2010 by Nazeer Patel | Filed in Software Reviews

This is a useful, powerful and easy to use add-in for Excel that fills the gaps in Excel and automates frequently used tasks. I use this personally for a myriad of tasks such as quickly adding multiple pre-named sheets in a workbook based on a list of cells. It has saved me countless hours with a click of a button.

You will be amazed at the number of functions that are included with the software

Installing the Data Mining Client for Excel 2007

25 Oct 2010 by Nazeer Patel | Filed in Software Reviews

Requirements In order to use the Excel data mining functionality you need the following:

  • Excel 2007
  • Microsoft Office Excel Data mining Add In (download from Microsoft website)
  • Running instance of SQl Server Analysis Services
  • Fraud and error detection using the data mining client for Excel 2007

    25 Oct 2010 by Nazeer Patel | Filed in Software Reviews

    We continue our series of articles on data mining by presenting how excel can assist auditors and management to detect fraud and errors in data.

    The main difference between fraud and error is that the former involves intent whereas errors are unintentional. It is management's responsibility to ensure that they have internal controls in place that can detect fraud and errors.

    Read more
    Read more

    PowerPivot – a real world example

    25 Oct 2010 by Nazeer Patel | Filed in Software Reviews

    Many organisations want to maximise their BI investment by giving end users the power to create and run their own BI applications. To this end, Microsoft has encouraged this line of thinking with the creation of PowerPivot . As an early adopter of this new technology, I was simply blown away by the ability to:

  • Use data with rows in excess of 1 million records
  • Link separate sheets by defining the relationship between the sheets
    Read more
  • Data Mining Client for Excel 2007 – Highlight Exceptions & Forecasting

    25 Oct 2010 by Jaco Venter | Filed in Software Reviews

    The Highlight Exceptions tool identifies anomalies in the data. Rows in the table that do not match the data's general patterns are highlighted. 

    These anomalies are often caused by data entry errors, making the Highlight Exceptions tool a powerful data-cleaning tool. In other cases, the tool identifies valid values that are simply outliers.

    Read more

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