A research was conducted by a team of researchers from Mobility 2011 Research projects in February 2011 and the research was done through all South Africans and it showed that thirty-nine percent of urban South Africans and twenty-seven percent of rural users over the age of sixteen are now browsing the internet on their mobile phones

Electronic gadgets have become part of our lives and play a significant role on delivering compact entertainment and unequalled communication to consumers, especially those devices that can be use anywhere around the world.

IPod is a portable media player created and marketed by Apple. The product line-up currently consists of the hard drive-based iPod Classic, the touch screen iPod touch, the compact iPod Nano and the ultra-compact iPod Shuffle.

Computers are already considered essential electronics to our everyday lives. At first, personal computers were only found in work places. Previously, computers were expensive and could only be bought at certain shops but now that has changed.

This is a digital notepad that can be linked to a PC via USB captures and stores digitally everything you write or draw with ink on ordinary paper.

We normally view hacking as one computer attacking or infiltrating another with the victim usually being a corporate or a person who loses a few grand.

I often have a fear, that due to increased reliance being placed on fingerprints to access one’s possessions, criminals may decide to just lop off the digit and have carte blanche to a person’s possessions.

Even though 3D printing has been around for a while now, I was astounded to note that scientists have been able to create a 1.5m wingspan drone (unmanned aircraft) using a 3D printer within a period of one week!

I was proud to read that a South African developer has been given the title of BlackBerry App Master for the development of an app for the BlackBerry PlayBook that will soon be released nationwide.

When the news broke that Facebook had implemented facial recognition technology without informing users, people were alarmed that such technology could be seen as an invasion of privacy. But how could this be? Let’s assume that I saw someone interesting at a coffee shop and I wanted to obtain information about them.
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