Gadget Review

Canon has launched a new kid on the block the Canon EOS 600D camera that allows users to change the looks of an image and control its background without the users having any technical background.

A revolutionary camera has recently been introduced to the world by a relatively new US company called Lytro, making the next step forward in the field of photography.

On Wednesday 28 September 2011, Amazon released its long-awaited Kindle Fire, a colour touchscreen computer-tablet priced at $199, a price deemed sufficiently low to challenge the iPad domination in the tablet market.

In an event held on 1 September 2011 in the US, HTC revealed the first of its Mango-based phones – the Titan (code name Eternity) and the Radar (code name Omega).

There are numerous games available for download on Android devices but using the touch screen or small keyboard buttons to navigate becomes cumbersome and spoils the entire gaming experience.

The old adage of “if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is” seems to have been written for the Cell C Whoosh! campaign.

Picture this. You are driving on the M1 or the N3 for an early morning meeting at work. Traffic seems to be flowing smoothly and as a result you eagerly anticipate arriving half an hour earlier.

You know the feeling. You’ve been to a party, had a couple of drinks. You know you are OK. But on your way home you see a roadblock ahead…

Consider the advantages of reviving all those old videos you don't even remember having - ah, the old school play, granny's birthday, Christmas '96, that shoddy taped-from-TV copy of 'Who’s the Boss'? All these can be yours again!

Still having some old vinyl’s at home? You loved the songs and adored the artists. And you wish you could listen to them again.
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