Skills Shortage Report

Last Updated Friday, January 30, 2009 02:26:25 PM

Much publicity has been given to the issue of skills shortages in South Africa without the necessary empirical evidence. SAICA commissioned research to determine the extent of the skills shortage in the Financial Management, Auditing and Accounting sector.

The main question is;
how big is the skills shortage in quantitative terms?
At what educational/qualification levels is the shortage most acute?
What can we read into the racial profile of the sector?

Other questions also relate to the size of the sector and its distribution according to economic activity in South Africa. The report provides an  analysis of the causes of the shortage and in the process proposes solutions to the problem.

The executive summary provides an overview of the full report.

  • The Executive Summary Report can be accessed here (300Kb PDF)
  • The Full Skills Report can be accessed here (673Kb PDF)