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SAICA launches Figure That!, a book about the story of the Chartered Accountancy profession

Last Updated Monday, July 2, 2018 9:46:52 AM

SAICA launches Figure That!, a book about the story of the Chartered Accountancy profession

Johannesburg, 02 July 2018 – The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) has, on Tuesday 26 June 2018, launched Figure That!, a book about the story of the Chartered Accountancy profession in South Africa.

The launch of Figure That! comes at a time when the profession is under severe scrutiny, as Terence Nombembe, SAICA’s CEO (currently seconded to the Zondo Commission), stated in the introduction of the book: “The profession has always been a symbol of integrity and a beacon of trust and inspiration. Suddenly a massive trust deficit appeared. It was not the first time that such an event had occurred, as this book attests. It certainly will not be the last time, as the events of 2017 indicate. What is certain, though, is that both the members of SAICA and the Institute itself must work unceasingly and timelessly to reconstruct and maintain the trust leadership of CAs(SA) in the South African economy. Heightened expectations of this profession will continue, insisting on accountability and keeping to the ethical high ground while ensuring that the interests of the public are always upheld.”

At the prestigious event, Rex Gibson, the author of Figure That! and former editor of the Rand Daily Mail, said: “It was a noble gesture by the profession that they allowed me to write the story as I saw it. If SAICA wanted a credible book, it needed to be written by a person who was independent of the profession.”

Johnson Njeke, Chairman of the Editorial Committee responsible for Figure That!, shared this sentiment: “In a highly competitive world, if the profession is to continue to attract exceptional young people, it must demonstrate through its story why the CA(SA) career is the one they should choose. I was also mindful of George Santayana’s comment: ‘Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.’”

Figure That! is an entertaining must-read for all who have an interest in the chartered accountancy profession. The book is available for sale on the SAICA ASA website


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