Figure That!

The story of the Chartered Accountancy profession in South Africa

About the Book

Many stories of South African entities have been written, but this is the first on the accounting profession that started here 165 years or so ago. The book reveals a history of pioneers and visionaries, bound by the politics of their time but always with an eye on the development and maintenance of high standards and the role they had to play in the growth of the nation’s economy. The authors of this book have put together a highly readable account of the evolution of the profession, combing detail from historical documents and newspaper archives and interviewing the men and women who have made accountancy in South Africa a beacon of best practice highly regarded around the world. It is an inspiring story which dashes aside the image of accountants as joyless, stooped, pedantic and dull people and rather casts them as architects of economic and social progress.

The author, Rex Gibson, former editor of the Rand Daily Mail, who once thought of being an accountant himself, has produced an entertaining account of Chartered Accountancy which is a must-read for all who have an interest in this noble profession.