International Payment Gateway Changes

Last Updated Friday, October 20, 2017 4:32:46 PM

SAICA currently uses an international payment GateWay system called MyGate.

In line with international security protocols, MyGate will be adopting a new Transport Layer Security protocol (TLS 1.2) with effect from 1 November 2017 and the current protocols (TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1) usage will be phased out. These TLS protocols provide privacy and data integrity between digital communications applications.

This development holds significant challenges for SAICA members and associates using older web browsers when transacting on the SAICA website.

Implications for SAICA website users:
The implications for members and associates with the implementation of new higher level security protocols is that those using older website browsers will  experience greater levels of difficulty to transact on organisational websites that are using enhanced levels of security protocols.

Organisations have virtually no choice in having to adopt these enhanced security protocols and SAICA is no exception.

The following SAICA website transactional applications are affected:

  1. Products and services purchases
  2. Pledging to Thuthuka
  3. Making any form of credit card payment to SAICA via the member's account page.

Which browsers will be supported?
The following browsers will be recognised by TLS 1.2 going forward:

  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer® version 9, 10, and 11
  • Apple® Safari® version 10.x on MacOS
  • Microsoft Edge for Windows® 10
  • The most recent stable versions of Mozilla® Firefox®
  • The most recent stable versions of Google Chrome™

What do we recommend?
SAICA recommends that Internet Explorer should not be used due to reduced functionality on the SAICA website. This includes all versions of Internet Explorer and Edge.

Implementation date
The date upon which the new protocols become operational is 1 November 2017.

Requested of members
SAICA wishes to pro-actively encourage and request members and associates to upgrade to the latest versions of the website browsers outlined in Section 3 before 1 November 2017.

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