Corporate Identity

Last Updated Friday, July 10, 2020 3:02:38 PM

We have changed our spots!

After a substantial and prolonged design and buy-in process, the corporate identity of SAICA has also been reviewed and the SAICA board has agreed to a proposed new corporate identity for SAICA as encapsulated in the SAICA logo and the CA(SA) designation device.

What is wrong with the current logo?

The current logo of SAICA has been in existence since 1997 and was a modernised version of the traditional crest adopted in 1980, when SAICA was first formed.

This logo has in recent years, been associated with an organisation that has not been as member centric as it should be, nor has it been associated with the appropriate level of member value we should be delivering to our members.

To change the whole way of doing business in the organisation is one thing. The new SAICA should also have a fresh new look that mirrors the exciting new organisation that we are striving to create.

New challenges require a new approach with a new face which is associated with enhanced member value. Hence we are changing our spots.

The current logo is a derivative of a uniquely English coat of arms using a traditional medieval device consisting of a shield (signifying protection), four bezants or coins signifying money and four regions and two quills signifying secretarial competence. In short, it is very traditional, very old English and too conservative to appeal to a membership audience that is on average 35 years of age and competing in a market place that is fast moving and vibrant.

What must the new logo do?

The new logo must present a fresh modern progressive look to SAICA which:

  • Is easily applicable across all SAICA's image and communication elements.
  • Draws together the CA(SA) designation device and the SAICA logo into a design element capable of promoting the designation, as well as the organisation, using the same design device.
  • Retains some elements of the tradition of SAICA but in a more modern idiom.
  • Attracts a younger audience to SAICA.


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