Information on accessing the Member Portal

What is Ushintsho?

Ushintsho means “open to change”. The Ushintsho Programme is one of SAICA’s Digital Transformation initiatives that aims to provide a comprehensive and single view of the SAICA value chain, improve member experience, and drive business process efficiency through the:

  • Implementation of a modern Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system;
  • Replacement of legacy applications with the new CRM system;
  • Integration of current applications (that will not be replaced) with the new CRM system; and
  • Migration of data from legacy systems to the new CRM system.

How will Ushintsho be implemented?

The Programme will be implemented in 6 stages. Stage 0 delivered the blueprint for the full Programme. This enabled the project team to prioritise those features that are critical in mitigating the risks associated with the current system.

Stage 1 launched on 11 October 2019, which involed the development and implementation of functionality to support Member Profile Management/ Member Portal and Query Management processes.

Upcoming stages will be communicated in due course.

What are the benefits of Ushintsho?

  • Stakeholder satisfaction
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Efficiencies in processes – time – doing things quicker, cost saving

What is available in the Member Portal?

  • Members will have a self-service portal to log technical and non-technical queries that will allow them to view and track the status of queries to SAICA.
  • Members will experience improved turnaround time from SAICA in response to queries logged on the Portal.
  • Direct communicationwith SAICA will be available via the Portal. Members will be able to view communication trails with SAICA on the Portal, as communication is saved on the Portal.
  • Members will be able to request confirmation letters and affidavits via the Portal. The Portal will perform the necessary verification and issue confirmations immediately if the verification is successful, thereby improving member experience.
  • New members will be able to apply for membership via the Portal. This new electronic process will reduce processing times of new member applications, thereby improving the new member experience. Members will also be able to view the status of their online membership application.

How to documents:

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Apply for membership

Sign up on Member Portal

Reset forgotten password

Update restricted data

Create new company profile


As communicated in the member email on 10 October 2019, the Member Portal is only compatible with the latest/newest versions of internet browsers.

If members arrive at the Portal landing page, then the browser is compatible. If members are not able to access the Portal landing page, the member’s internet browser will need to be updated. The onus is on members to ensure they use the latest/recent internet browsers.

To update your browser, go to “” and follow the instructions to automatically update the default browser.


For any enquiries or if you have trouble logging into the Member Portal, kindly reach the Contact Centre by calling 08610 SAICA (72422).