Events notes and slides

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2019 Northern Region SpringConference


2019 POPI Seminar


A plenary session on the proposed restructuring of SAICA’s governance model


2018 NR Spring Conference


Cloud in Practice 2018 Conference


Entrepreneurship: Key aspects


2017 Spring Conference


2017 Fraud in the digital world (2MB PDF)


2016 SMP Roadshows and Information Session


IFRS 15 - What your sales people need to know (780KB PDF) 


2016 Spring Conference


Enhancing Audit Quality


Dissecting the tax landscape


Executive Leaders in Finance


Northern Region Spring Conference


Financial Due Diligence Master class


2014 business breakfast with Economist, Mike Schussler (5Mb PDF)


Annual Insurance Accounting presentation 2012 

  • Actuarial Perspective Phase II - Peter Tripe (1MB PDF)
  • IFRS4 Phase II - Shaneen Marshall (3MB PDF)
  • Long Term Insurance - Darrel Scott (2MB PDF)
  • Short Term Insurance - Darrel Scott (2MB PDF)
  • The Future of Insurance in Africa - Victor Muguto (2MB PDF)
  • Treating Customers fairly - Colin Daley (1MB PDF)


SAICA Personal Financial 2012 presentation & notes (4.3MB PDF)

Islamic Finance Breakfast (1.5MB PDF)

SAICA Business Breakfast with Dennis Dykes 11 April 2012 (283Kb PDF)

Sustainabililty Breakfast with Jonathon Hanks (7Mb PDF)

Sustainability Breakfast with Joanne Yawitch (2Mb PDF) 

IRC Public Consultation Sessions (9Mb PDF) 

Panel Discussion - Impairment of Financial Assets (500Kb PDF)

SAICA Briefing Session: Rapid Changes to Accounting for Financial Instruments 24 August 2009 (110Kb PDF)


KING III Breakfast Presentations


Members In Business - Nedbank Group : Journey - Mr Tom Boardman 19 August 2009 (6MB PDF)

Performing the Independent Review SAICA 2011 Final (8MB PDF)