GovernIT Toolkit

Last Updated Wednesday, July 13, 2011 10:35:56 AM


Want to find your companies or clients current IT Governance Status?

GovernIT Toolkit is the software that has been developed to help those who interact with SAICA to conduct assessments for their clients or organisations. GovernIT Toolkit will help to evaluate the level of IT Governance within an organisation.

The GovernIT Toolkit will ask the assessor to answer some questions focusing on different areas within the IT Governance domain. On completion of a set of questions, a report can be generated to help assess the IT Governance maturity.

Benefits of using the GovernIT Toolkit:

  • Create multiple customers or a single entity
  • Create multiple sites
  • Store information on your computer or in a central repository
  • Get to know the IT Governance status of an organisation
  • Generate an income for your business

Look out for the GovernIT Workshop on the SAICA website ( or alternatively contact SAICA’s Seminars and Events department on

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