Benefits of IT Governance

Last Updated Saturday, October 30, 2010 08:40:20 PM


Implementing IT Governance provides a number of benefits for  organisations. These benefits cover different areas, the main ones that are covered are:

  • Executive Management:

Executive management will see the improvement in the quality of IT services over time.

There is also a reduced failure of IT projects, minimising risk and saving cost.

  • Business Owners:

For business owners there is major reduction of IT risk over time. There is also a reduction in cost of delivering IT service over time.

  • Other Managers:

For other managers in an organisation they will experience enhanced delivery of IT Services.

  • All IT Workers:

Projects undertaken are followed up as well as operations in the organisation. This leads to fewer surprises and less frustration.

As an organisation starts implementing IT Governance, more benefits will be released and the benefits can be measured.

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