Benefits of using a CA

Last Updated Thursday, May 23, 2019 10:05:26 AM

Benefits of Using a CA


SAICA maintains the worldwide recognition of the premium value of the CA(SA) designation through its extensive services and activities. The result is that SAICA members enjoy

  • The value of the designation, by being the first-choice financial advisor or employee within the business community at large;
  • Acceptability for financial/accountancy positions within business in South Africa;
  • Access to relevant financial/accountancy information in electronic and print formats;
  • Advice on ethical and technical issues;
  • Access to continuing professional education;
  • Membership of one of the leading accountancy institutes in the world;
  • Networking opportunities, such as a large number of functions and annual dinners, as well as contact with local structures and special interest committees (eg the Commerce and Industry Committee)
  • Access to an up-to-date information centre; and
  • Interactive communication with SAICA through the SAICA website.

Use of the CA(SA) designation is also governed by the Chartered Accountants Designation Act, 1993 (Act 67 of 1993), which regulates and permits the use of the CA(SA) designation exclusively by SAICA members. Use of the designation without membership of SAICA is consequently a criminal offence, and misuse is subject to legal action.