CPD Interview - K Makwetu

Last Updated Thursday, June 24, 2010 01:32:53 PM
Kimi Makwetu
Deputy Auditor General
Auditor General South Africa (AGSA)

Interview done in December 2009


1. When did you qualify as a CA(SA)?


2. How did you qualify as a CA(SA)? (Where did you study, how did you study (full-time / part-time?), where did you do your articles?

A combination of full and part-time. Articles at Deloitte

3. What types of jobs/roles have you done in your career?

Mainly financial management and auditing

4. What does your current role entail?

Leading people and following others as the Deputy Auditor-General.


Q 1: As a CA(SA) you are professional, what does life-long learning mean to you?

It means keeping informed.

Q 2: How has CPD/life-long learning contributed to your career progression?

Immensely. It gave me the opportunity to understand the basis for certain decisions and for why certain things are priorities. E.g. why is talent sourcing a critical strategic focus of a service oriented firm.

Q 3: What activities do you do or have you done that contribute to your life-long learning and help you to stay ahead and maintain your competitive edge as a CA(SA)?

Reading and getting involved in debates and presenting at public forums.

Q 4: How important is it that the public is made aware of the life-long learning status of a CA(SA), especially those who utilise services of a CA(SA)?

It is very important to entrench the level of trust that is associated with the type of work that a CA(SA) does.

Q 5: What advice would you give to up and coming CAs(SA) regarding life-long learning and continuing professional development?
They must regard their CA(SA) qualification as just an entry into a wider world of vast and complex realities. It is about sharpening the qualification itself for the rest of your life.

Q 6: The SAICA CPD policy requires that you both do and record your CPD, you have obviously committed to CPD/life-long learning as demonstrated in your answers above, what steps do you take to record your CPD as outlined in the policy?

A combination of entering them on the website and the ever-present scramble for time to collect evidence.

Q 7: Do you believe that the SAICA CPD policy upholds your status as a CA(SA)?

A: Yes it does.

Q 8: What tips can you give to other CAs(SA) regarding CPD?

They must adopt the same attitude that they adopted when they were first year trainee accountants i.e. learn and record.

Q 9: What improvements do you think SAICA can make around CPD? (i.e promoting life-long learning, providing access to CPD opportunities, benchmarking and monitoring CPD compliance?

Identifying the pool of CA(SA)s across the country and get them to share the benefits that they sourced from adhering to lifelong learning and how it contributed to their successes.

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