Long Service Membership

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Benefits of Using a CA

Benefits of
Using a CA

Benefits of Using a CA


Long Service Membership or associateship of SAICA is granted to:

  • All members or associates with 40 years of continuous membership, in good standing; or
  • Members or associates aged 65 or older, with 25 years continuous membership, in good standing.

The member or associate is not required to make any application. SAICA's membership unit compiles an annual list of eligible members from the SAICA database, and forwards the lists to the relevant regional offices.

Regional Councils have the discretion to refuse an application for election to long service membership or associateship, and no application will be processed without the prior approval of the regional council.

Members and associates who qualify for long service membership will be sent a letter from SAICA, informing them that the LSM status has been granted.

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