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SAICA collaborates with ACAUS to provide CPD and networking events for SAICA members working in the U.S.A.

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Executive Director, ACAUS


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About ACAUS and Membership details



Association of Chartered Accountants in the United States

Networking and educating the International Accountant in the USA.

ACAUS (The Association of Chartered Accountants in the USA) has a resident in the US membership of 9,000 international accountants from 6 global accounting bodies and Associate members from elsewhere in the world, as well as accountants and senior financial executives in the USA who want to better understand the International arena from the US perspective. Our members range from newly-qualified accountants to seasoned business leaders and cover a diverse range of industries and markets.

We provide professional opportunities for our members through networking and educational offerings across the USA, through in person meetings and through our digital media.

Join our ACAUS LinkedIn group. The digital network of 3,200 members now – 4,000 by the end of the year and 10,000 by the end of 2019 includes senior internationally focused financial executives, in every field and in every city around the USA.

We maintain the 15 chapters and their local events and have a virtual chapter for those unable to get to in-person chapter meetings. We offer an expanded virtual network by HI and by region. We also have a “giving-back” program. Check out the Events Calendar for our updated offerings.

Our Education focuses on International issues of interest to members, persons outside the USA with a US interest and CPA’s in the USA with an International perspective. Delivery is through local events that are recorded and delivered on our social media network.

National events – delivered through Webinars; International events – the “International Accounting Forum” in NYC each year. We run showcase network events around the country for members and others with sponsorships and ticket costs to promote all of our credentials across the USA and to promote the credentials across the world.

If you are not already receiving communications from ACAUS, or if you have not yet registered with ACAUS, please submit a membership request.

For more information, contact our Executive Director, Sasha Carlson Email: Mobile 1-713-205-3890