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 1.      Why can't I access the Internet version of the SAICA Handbook?
The URL is  Use your e-mail address and SAICA Reference Number (eight digit number preceded by zero/s).  The e-mail address must be the same as the one recorded on SAICA's database as it used to validate access.
2.      What is my membership number?
Membership numbers are not posted on our Website as they are currently used for password purposes to obtain access to the Members' only section of our Website.  Please e-mail to request your number or contact the Membership Unit on telephone +27 8610 SAICA (72422) or fax +27 11 616 7491.
3.      Have you received my subscription payment?
Members' accounts can now be viewed via the Internet. The URL is Type in your e-mail address (it must be the one SAICA has recorded on our database) and membership number (don't forget to include the leading zero/s). Thereafter select "Account" on the left hand side of the screen. If you experience any problems or have a query with regard to your account please contact the Membership Unit on, telephone +27 8610 SAICA (72422) or fax +27 11 616 7491.
4.      Would you please confirm if this person is a member of SAICA?
We have a system for online verification of membership or associateship of SAICA.  Click here and enter the person's surname (and initials if known) to establish if they are registered.
5.      What are SAICA's banking details?
Business Central Gauteng
Branch no: 1284 0500
Account no: 1284 023230
Please fax or e-mail a copy of your deposit slip to the relevant SAICA department in order for us to correctly allocate your payment.
6.      Would you please provide me with a letter confirming my membership for 
         emigration/employment purposes?
A standard letter for this purpose can be obtained from the Membership Unit by e-mailing, telephoning +27 8610 SAICA (72422) or faxing +27 11 616 7491.
7.      I have tried to update my details on the website but seem to have a problem
We developed our Member details section of our website to make it easier for our members to update SAICA with their new details.   In order to access the Site ( we need to have your e-mail address recorded on our database and your Membership Number needs to be correct (i.e. eight-digit number preceded by a zero).
Should you experience any problems you are welcome to fax your changes to +27 11 616 7491 or e-mail
8.      I am now eligible to register with SAICA.  Where can I obtain an application form?
The application forms for membership and associateship of SAICA can be found on our Website.  Click here to go to the application forms.  Alternatively we can e-mail, post or fax mail the information.  Please contact the Membership Unit on or telephone +27 8610 SAICA (72422).
 9.      My membership lapsed.  How do I re-join SAICA?
Please contact your Regional office who will be able to advise you of what information and payment is required:
Northern Region (Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Limpopo Provinces)
Membership Unit
Telephone:  011 621 6600
Fax:  011 616 7491
Address: P O Box 59875, Kengray, 2100
Southern Region (Western and Eastern Cape Province)
Regional Administrator - Sophia Jenni
Telephone: 021 423 3938
Fax:  021 423 3974
Address: P O Box 4484, Cape Town, 8000
Eastern Region (KwaZulu-Natal Province)
Regional Administrator - Michelle Ramsay
Telephone: 031 267 1842
Fax:  031 267 1838
Address: P O Box 1098, Westville, 3630
Central Region (Free State, Northern Cape and North West Province)
Telephone: 051 444 3674
Fax:  051 444 3701
Address: P O Box 12911, Brandhof, Bloemfontein, 9324
10.    How can I obtain a list of members?
If the information is required in order to obtain the services of an accountant or auditor please contact the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors (IRBA) on e-mail:, telephone +27 11 622 8533 or fax +27 11 622 4029.

              If you are looking for an office at which to complete your training please click here.

11.    Please send me a statement of my account.

We are now able to e-mail statements on request.  Please e-mail or contact the Membership Unit on +27 8610 SAICA (72422) or fax +27 11 616 7491.
 12.    Where can I find membership statistics?
Please click here

 13.    My company is paying for my subscription and therefore I need the invoice in my company's name.

All subscription invoices are issued in the name of the individual member. Under no circumstances will subscription invoices be made out in the name of a Company. In light of the above mentioned information, a directive has been issued by SARS, confirming that "where a company has agreed to pay the annual subscription of a member, the VAT may be claimed as an input tax deduction even though the invoice is made out in the name of the employee".

Should you require documentation or more detail regarding the above, please click here
1.      Act as accounting officer
I have been working as a Chartered Accountant for a number of years in commerce and industry and have never been registered with the IRBA - can I act as an accounting officer of a Close Corporation?
Answer: Yes, as a Chartered Accountant or Associate General Accountant, you can be appointed as an accounting officer of a Close Corporation.
2.      Move from C&I to public practice
I have been working as a Chartered Accountant for a number of years in commerce and industry and have never been registered with the IRBA.  I now want to go into public practice. What do I have to do?
Answer: As far as SAICA is concerned you need only notify us so that we can change your category on the database. This will mean that you will receive all mailings that are specifically targeted at practitioners. If you plan to do the attest function i.e. carry out audits, you will have to register with the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors (IRBA) as a Registered Auditor. You will have to check with the IRBA (Tel 011 622 8533) to ascertain what their requirements are to register. One of the requirements is to demonstrate that you have kept up to date with auditing and accounting standards. You should note that if you carry out the attest function then you will be subject to Practice Review by the IRBA. The requirements for practice review and the costs should be discussed with the IRBA.
3.      Buying or selling a practice
I would like to buy or sell a block of fees or an entire audit and accounting practice. How can I go about this?
Answer: You can look in the Classifieds section of Accountancy SA or place an advertisement there yourself; you can post a notice on the small practice discussion forum setting out your requirements and contact details.  The forum can be found here.
4.      What to pay for a practice
I would like to buy or sell a block of fees or an entire audit and accounting practice. What price should I pay?
Answer:  Rather than using an arbitrary rule of thumb basis you should use the normal valuation principles for valuing any service business. For example you would essentially be buying or selling the firm's "super profits" i.e. profits after paying a notional manager to run the practice. These "super profits" should be capitalised at an appropriate rate taking into account a number of factors such as the type of work done by the firm, the type and size of client, the average charge-out rate recovered by the firm, the extent of computerisation in the firm, the quality and experience of staff and the quality of working papers. The personality of the seller is likely to match that of his or her clients; the buyer's personality will therefore play a role in the retention of clients in the first year and this aspect should not be overlooked.
5.      Starting a new practice
I would like to start my own accounting practice - what advice can you give me?
Answer:  As very general guidance you should consider the following: buy SAICA's Marketing Manual and Practice Management Manual, both of which are available from the SAICA bookshop; speak to as many colleagues and friends as possible who are in public practice to hear from them what has made them successful; decide whether to buy an established practice or a block of fees or finance yourself while you establish a viable client base; consider specialising in a certain niche and establish yourself as a specialist in that area.  Finally you are welcome to call the Small Practices Director to discuss your options further at 011 621 6600.
6.      Trainee contract
Where do I find a trainee or a training contract?
Answer:  Go to  to advertise a trainee position, or search for a trainee position.