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The IRBA is no longer a VAT vendor and no VAT is charged on the PPE examination fee. All other exam fees are inclusive of VAT.
EventStart DateTypeCityExam Fee
APC 2020 - Bloemfontein Ewriting2020/12/17EXMBloemfonteinRegistration Closed
APC 2020 - Cape Town Ewriting2020/12/17EXMCape TownRegistration Closed
APC 2020 - Durban Ewriting2020/12/17EXMDurbanRegistration Closed
APC 2020 - East London Ewriting2020/12/17EXMEast LondonRegistration Closed
APC 2020 - Evander Ewriting2020/12/17EXMEvanderRegistration Closed
APC 2020 - Grahamstown Ewriting2020/12/17EXMGrahamstownRegistration Closed
APC 2020 - George Ewriting2020/12/17EXMGeorgeRegistration Closed
APC 2020 - Johannesburg Ewriting2020/12/17EXMJohannesburgRegistration Closed
APC 2020 - Kimberley Ewriting2020/12/17EXMKimberleyRegistration Closed
APC 2020 - Nelspruit Ewriting2020/12/17EXMNelspruitRegistration Closed
APC 2020 - Potchefstroom Ewriting2020/12/17EXMPotchefstroomRegistration Closed
APC 2020 - Port Elizabeth Ewriting2020/12/17EXMPort ElizabethRegistration Closed
APC 2020 - Polokwane Ewriting2020/12/17EXMPolokwaneRegistration Closed
APC 2020 - Pietermaritzburg Ewriting2020/12/17EXMPietermaritzburgRegistration Closed
APC 2020 - Pathway Ewriting2020/12/17EXMJohannesburgRegistration Closed
APC 2020 - Stellenbosch Ewriting2020/12/17EXMStellenboschRegistration Closed
APC 2020 - United Kingdom Ewriting2020/12/17EXMLondonRegistration Closed
APC 2020 - Upington Ewriting2020/12/17EXMUpingtonRegistration Closed
APC 2020 - Vanderbiljpark Ewriting2020/12/17EXMVanderbijlparkRegistration Closed

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