Latest Shopping List

Shopping ListSAICA are proud to offer a wide variaty of online products that can be ordered and paid for online.

Note: You can view the products lists and product details pages but have to login to be able to place any orders.

You can view this list of products by clicking here.

There products have been grouped into certain areas and you can quickly navigate to these areas on the list by clicking on the area at the top of the page.

Shopping list itemProduct Details

Once you have found a product of interest you can click on the product's name or the Read more... link.

This page displays a larger image of the product as well as a short description on the product.

Add product to shopping basket

We have provided 2 ways for you to add a product to your shopping basket:

  1. From the product list page you can add complete multiple products by adding the different quantities in the different product quantity fields and then clicking on the Add to Shopping Cart  button at the bottom of the page
  2. Viewing the details of the product and then adding the quantity to that specific product and then click on the Add to Shopping Cart button at the bottom of the page.

Check out

Shopping CheckoutOnce a product has been added to your shopping cart you are able to view the total amount owing on every page and for a detailed list or to check out you can continue with this by clicking on the My Shopping Cart link at the top of every page. You are able to able to remove any product from this page as well.

It is important to make sure your delivery address is correct to avoid yourself not recieving the goods you

Once you have completed selecting your products you can complete your personal details, update your address and you are given the different payment options for you to Pay Later (EFT) or Proceed to Check Out.


 Pay for an order

If you choose to Proceed to Check Out the order will be added to your outstanding Product orders that can be see on the My Account.

If you choose to Pay Later (EFT) you will be shown the SAICA's bank account details as well as contact details to who you can email proof of payment.