Latest Events List

Our online events calendar is always kept up to date with the latest SAICA seminars, events and workshops.

Note: You can view the calendar and event details but have to login to be able to make a booking.

You can view this calendar by clicking here.

You are able to see the names of the events, start date, city and pricing sample. Remember these prices are just a guide because once you login the event will be offered at a discounted rate.

Once you click on the event name it will give you all the details for that event, as well as allow you to book.

Event Details

Event Details

This page displays all the event information including the address, pricing and all event related information.

To begin with your event registration / booking click on the Book Online button located at the bottom right hand side of the event details table.

Booking for an Event

Once you have found the event that you would like to attend you can complete the online event booking form to make sure you secure your seat.

Remember to read the terms and conditions (if applicable), choose the correct billing option and add the attendees.

Adding Attendees

I will attend

With our online event booking system you are able to add yourself and book multiple attendees all in 1 process. If you are the only person attending the event you can speed up this process by selectin the I will attend this event checkbox.


Add AttendeeTo begin adding another attendee, click on the Add Attendee button.

You are presented with a screen where you can search for the particular person to see if they are already on our system.

You can search on their SAICA membership number or on their ID number. Note: You don't need to search on both items at the same time. It is recommended to enter in only one of them.

Attendee not foundIf you are unable to find the person you would like to book for then you have 2 options:

  1. Make sure the information you entered is correct and try again
  2. Register them on the site

To add a user you can quickly follow the website registration process by completing the person's details and registering them online.

You will get confirmation once the registration has been completed. To continue with your event enrolment you can click on the click here link to return you to the event to continue adding other attendees.

Once you have completed the event enrolment you will be taken to the confirmation screen where you will be given a reference number.

Event Payment

Event PaymentsAt this stage you are given the different payment options for you to Pay Now or Pay Later (EFT).

If you choose to Pay Now the event booking will be added to your outstanding Event registrations that can be see on the My Account.

If you choose to Pay Later (EFT) you will be shown the SAICA's bank account details as well as contact details to who you can email proof of payment.