Last Updated 25 September 2015 01:24:53 PM

The South African Institute of Accountants is the foremost accountancy body in South Africa and one of the leading accounting institutions in the world.

SAICA is re-establishing the Associate General Accountant -AGA(SA) designation in an effort to boost employer confidence in the commerce industry by providing highly trained and skilled accounting professionals who belong to a credible profession.


New AGA(SA) Designation

An AGA(SA) is a highly skilled accountant who has completed both a SAICA-accredited B.Com degree and SAICA accredited training programme. The new AGA(SA) designation will allow you to access all the benefits of SAICA products and services, including Continuous Professional Development (CPD).


Do I qualify?


You must have completed:

A SAICA accredited B.Com degree

A SAICA accredited training contract

Not sure if you qualify? Contact the SAICA Call Centre on 08610 SAICA(72422)


What do I need for registration?

Check that you are eligible.

Download an application form here (134KB PDF)

Complete the form and return to SAICA with Copies of any required documents (qualifications and proof that you completed your training contract).

Once notified of registration, pay the appropriate joining and subscription fees.


AGA(SA) Benefits

• Access to SAICA products and services

• A subscription to the ASA Magazine

• Access to CPD

• Invitations to SAICA seminars and events

• Access to SAICA Member Services

• Receive SAICA Newsletters


Fees & Subscription?

• A R600 fee will be billed for any individual joining in the remaining period of 2015. The subscription fee for 2016 will be R3 092.16 (excl VAT) per annum.

• The normal joining fee will be a once-off amount of R5000. However, for the period 20 August 2015 to 31 December 2016 this will be waived entirely.

• Member Year: The member year runs from January to December.


Encouraging eligible staff to register as AGAs(SA)?

Registration will benefit your staff and your business. Your staff will be formally recognised as having SAICA Accredited qualifications and training and an impeccable standard of ethics.


Membership Contact

For more info, contact the SAICA Call Centre on 08610 SAICA(72422) or email us at