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Companies Act 
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SAICA CPD Offerings    

Seminars and Events



SAICA runs hundreds of workshops, seminars, conference and networking events throughout the year
e-IFRS helps members to keep completely up-to-date with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) 

Click2start e-learning


Legislation Watch Newsletter

Click2Start provides a variety of interviews with leaders in business or technical experts on a range of topical issues.
This newsletter is circulated once a fortnight via a short summary on SAICA's Communiqué newsletter.



Books, e-Seminars and DVDs


Contemporary Gazette Legal Database



SAICA provides members with a recording of certain seminars and workshops.
SAICA has partnered with the Contemporary Gazette in order to provide free a free, searchable legal database to its members.

Corporate training and sponsorship


Guides and Publications Online

In a quest to offer the best options to enable relevant lifelong learning and other offerings.
In this area you will be able to view all SAICA's publications that are produced and distributed.



Members Handbook

CPDtv (Pty) Ltd offers verifiable CPD programmes on DVD to enable members to do their CPD at their offices, at home at their convenience.  
The printed SAICA Members' Handbook is available online for free to all members.




SAICA offers certificate courses through its partner providers to those members wishing to obtain a more in-depth understanding.
Integritax is SAICA's official tax newsletter, offered free to SAICA members.

Bulldog and Wombat IFRS Updates


Compliance Risk Management Resource

SAICA offers its UK and Australian based members with IFRS updates in major centres.
SAICA now provides members with access to a cost-effective, online compliance risk management tool (CRMP).