Institute of Directors (IoD)

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Institute of Directors (IoD)

About  the IoDSA
The Institute of Directors in Southern Africa (IoDSA) is a non-profit organisation that is unique in that it represents directors, professionals, business leaders and those charged with governance duties in their individual capacities in southern Africa.  As the primary decision-makers in the private and public sectors, these individuals hold a special position of leadership and trust and are responsible — both legally and morally — for the balanced direction and proper reward of all participants in our economic enterprises. 

IoDSA membership represents over 5 500 prestigious and diverse South African business leaders, providing a unique opportunity for networking and business development in all sectors.  In South Africa, our membership is widely representative of commerce, industry, government and the business professions. 

The IoDSA is committed to the development of those charged with governance duties, directors, board learning and improving board effectiveness.  Members of the IoDSA benefit from ongoing educational opportunities, leadership publications and updates featuring the latest developments in corporate governance, as well as unique networking opportunities.   The specific role that the IoDSA wishes to play in society is expressed through our vision namely that those charged with governance duties in all sectors will be empowered to discharge these duties effectively.  For us our slogan “Better directors, better boards, better business” is truly something that inspires all that we do and we believe that all of this will eventually lead to a better South Africa.

The IoDSA’s objectives are expressed as follows:

  • to promote good corporate governance in Southern Africa by empowering those who are charged with governance duties to effectively and legally discharge those duties;
  • to safeguard the integrity and status of directorship as a profession by serving as the professional body for directors and through the provision of a professional designation which serves to assess and credit mastery;
  • to take a continuing and effective interest in legislation as this relates to governance and directors’ duties in order to ensure as far as possible that basic commercial freedoms and rights are preserved and that a climate conducive to sound economic growth is maintained;
  • to uphold and maintain the concept of the corporate entity as a responsible corporate citizen and its role in a free enterprise economy;
  • to provide an effective voice for directors and executives in public affairs;
    to maintain and strengthen the bonds and reciprocity between the IoDSA and organizations with similar objectives within Southern Africa and in other parts of the world;
  • to undertake, provide and support or assist in research, thought leadership, guidance, advice, opportunities for peer interaction, education and training which may assist in the attainment or advancement of any of the objects of the IoDSA.

Our activities and products in support of our strategy entail the following:

  • Thought leadership through our forums and King III Practice Notes and publications
  • Director Development
  • Events supporting networking with peers and exchange of knowledge, learning and ideas
  • Membership offerings and benefits
  • Advisory services on the implementation and institutionalisation of sound governance through the Centre for Corporate Governance, notably our facilitation of board appraisals
  • Governance Assessment Instrument