About Accounting Technician, South Africa AT(SA)

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Accounting Technician, South Africa AT(SA) is a department of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants AT(SA) dedicated to the education, development, regulation and support of accounting technicians in South Africa. With SAICA, AT(SA) represents confident, skilled accounting technicians who are committed and empowered to deliver and uphold the high professional standards and ethics that the profession demands.

AT(SA) is a practical, work-ready foundational designation. This entry-level accountancy qualification and professional membership offers a solid foundation in accounting, finance, and business practice. AT(SA) is accessible to aspirant accountants who function at foundational business levels.

Our purpose

Accounting, finance and business skills are vital for our economy to thrive. However, there’s limited access to credible, quality accounting, finance and business education, making it difficult for ordinary people to build a sustainable career in the field. We develop and empower skilled and qualified accounting technicians into the economy.

Our mission

Our mission is to make accounting, finance and business skills accessible to everyone and raise the standard of learning and development in finance and accounting.

AT(SA) Membership

Members of AT(SA) are part of a vibrant SAICA community, which means they are supported no matter what stage of their career they are at. The AT(SA) designation is recognised by employers and the profession – it opens doors for Accounting Technicians wherever they are in the finance and accounting teams.


Solid network of business professionals

Events, seminars and conferences Connect with other like-minded SAICA members and gain access to numerous discounted products and services; conferences; seminars and networking sessions enabling you to rise to the challenges of business today.

A strong network of like-minded people

Join an influential network where members can also offer their expertise and service on various working committees, contributing towards the growth and development of the profession.

Keeping abreast of technical developments

News and publications Access to SAICA’s newsletters including Integritax, Accountancy SA, the SAICA handbook and other SAICA guides and publications and leading insights and expertise SAICA has some of the best minds in business. It offers its members world-leading information resources, technical guidance and other services to enable members to shape and influence practice effectively.

Career mobility and recognition

Employability and recognition Stand out among your peers and get the recognition of a credible AT(SA) designation. The designation will open doors of employment and put you a position to pursue diverse and rewarding career opportunities.

Relevant and current skills

Maintain a competitive edge. As a member of SAICA, your rigorous training, experience and continuing development, keeps you apace with the skills needed in the ever-changing business environment.

Be part of a regulated member body

A solid ethical grounding As a regulated member body, our members are bound by a code of professional conduct. This ensures that we maintain the quality of our designations, uphold high standards of reputation, professional excellence and integrity in everything we do. Reputation and credibility in the workplace SAICA designations enjoy continued public confidence. This means that your employers, clients and the public can be assured of your skills, expertise and overall professional conduct.

Increased professional development

Life-long learning and development through CPD SAICA is committed to the personal and intellectual growth of its members. We encourage our members to commit to lifelong learning and undertake ongoing maintenance and development of their professional competence.

Credibility as an accounting officer

Three registered designations with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) gives members the ability to function as Commissioner of Oaths. AT(SA) is a recognised controlling body with SARS giving our members access to apply for Tax Practitioner recognition

Member support

Day to day member support

Our professional member support service provides guidance on ethical and technical enquiries that may arise in your day-to-day work. We also help you improve your performance as well as provide general advice on developing your exam technique.

Membership Levels

AT(SA) membership offers professional status at five levels to demonstrate practical skills and commitment to maintaining and developing skills and knowledge in accounting, finance and business.

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