SAICA Enterprise Development

Last Updated Wednesday, May 23, 2018 12:00:35 PM

Ignite. Enhance. Advance

SAICA Enterprise Development (Pty) Ltd houses all of SAICA’s Enterprise and Supplier Development programmes and activities. Our vision is to play an active role in economic transformation in South Africa, through advancing the sustainable growth of entrepreneurial Black businesses.

Through partnership with SAICA’s small accounting practices (SMPs), SAICA Enterprise Development aims to achieve financial excellence in both SMMEs and incubators nationwide. In doing so, these SMPs have the opportunity to attract new staff through growth and create a pipeline of new clients. SAICA Enterprise Development also aims to influence corporate and government policies to support and facilitate the creation of impactful Enterprise and Supplier Development aligned with the B-BBEE Codes, the future Chartered Accountancy Profession Sector Code (CA Charter) and other Sector charters. 

Value Proposition

SAICA Enterprise Development aims to partner with Corporate South Africa, Public sector and the SMME sector to authentically make change happen and advance economic development; making South Africa better for everyone. We provide credible and impactful B-BBEE Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) solutions that fit with achieving transformation objectives:

  • Customizable end to end ESD interventions that make business sense;
  • Achieving Financial Excellence in the SMME sector;
  • Proven B-BBEE compliance and impact;
  • Peace of mind in B-BBEE ESD implementation;
  • Enabling clients to seamlessly broaden their supplier base by integrating quality SMMEs.



SAICA ED offers mentorship-based programmes which serve as Enterprise and Supplier Development solutions for Generic and QSE’s across various sectors. Through working together with SAICA’s SMPs our core expertise is in developing financially savy entrepreneurs. We seek to create Financial Excellence in all our mentorship- based programmes through:

  • Financial Coaching
  • Financial Bootcamp
  • Affordable Accounting Services for SMMEs

The Flagship Enterprise Development Programme is a 12-month bespoke Business Development curriculum for identified SMMEs to learn essential business skills, leadership mastery and to develop potential Corporate suppliers and successful SMMEs.  

Customised Enterprise and Supplier Development Programmes are industry specific tailored programmes implemented towards achieving your company and transformation strategy. 

Socio-Economic Development programmes remain under The Hope Factory, where a Section 18A certificate is issued for any donations received. SAICA Enterprise Development is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Hope Factory NPC.

Any spend with SAICA Enterprise Development is also recognised under the Procurement element.

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