SAICA Enterprise Development

Developing Financial Excellence in entrepreneurs through the Chartered Accountancy Profession

SAICA Enterprise Development (SAICA ED) is passionate about enhancing the value of the Chartered Accountancy profession by mobilising its contribution to SMME development by developing Financial Excellence in entrepreneurs. Our Financial Excellence offering involves partnering with Small and Medium Practices (SMPs) and other groupings associated with SAICA through:

  • Financial bootcamps
  • Financial coaching
  • Affordable accounting services (using unemployed accounting graduates) and
  • Developing Financial Excellence reporting standards

We continue to offer value adding Enterprise Development and Industry specific customised Enterprise and Supplier Development projects in line with B-BBBEE, and are always ready to assist and support you in your transformation objectives.

ESD Support Relief during Covid-19

Now we are calling on Corporate SA to get involved to help SMMEs. Over and above the efforts of various private funds and government, which have committed to providing relief support and funding to qualifying small businesses, we are doing our part to support SMMEs nationally through this Covid-19 crisis.

Are you looking for a relevant, strategic and meaningful ESD solutions?

The SAICA ED COVID-19 SMME Relief Solution focuses on assisting SMMEs to access all the appropriate Relief and Funding measures currently available to them, to help navigate these uncertain times.  We want to help as many SMMEs as possible to be resilient.

This solution will be implemented virtually and includes a digital needs analysis to identify what support and funding interventions are most needed.

Use your B-BBEE spend to fight the adverse impact of COVID 19 on SA’s Small Businesses.

Let’s partner together to grow financially savvy entrepreneurs.


Adelaide at 011 479 0641 or email