Southern Region Council

Last Updated Monday, June 8, 2015 11:20:24 AM

Southern Region Council 2015/2016

The Council is comprised of 17 CAs(SA) who are active in the Council and the District Associations. Our strategic objectives are to implement national strategies at a regional and district level, and to serve our members' needs.

Each Council member has a portfolio that they actively represent. Some of the portfolios that Council members retain include education, members in business, large practices, small practices and transformation. Chairmen from the three Southern Region District Associations also sit on the Council, which convenes at least once every quarter.

  Southern Region Council 2013/2014  
Name Portfolio
Nicolette Jacobs President
  Vice President *
Gil Gorgulho Past President
Danie Fölscher Large Practices
Christine Du Toit Small & Medium Practices
Grant Richardson Members in Business
Riaan Rudman General Body
Sandile Phillip General Body
Suraya Gierdien General Body
Cobus Goosen Southern Cape District Association
Chantelle Gernetzky Border-Kei District Association
Simone Mao-Cheia Port Elizabeth District Association
  Co-Option: Under 40 Constituency/YCAN*
  Co-Option: ABASA
  Co-Option: Education
  Co-Option: Public Sector
  Co-Option: Trainees

*To be appointed at the Council meeting of 28 July 2015

Senior Partners Forums

The role of the forum is to identify the needs of, and promote the interests of, members in large practices. Members of the forum include the senior audit partners of the various larger audit firms within the Western Cape.

The forum also exists to improve communication between SAICA and the larger audit firms, as well as with the rest of the profession. Topics currently being debated include:

  • transformation and growth – skills shortage in South Africa with specific reference to CAs(SA) in the audit profession,
  • the Companies Act– its effects on business and the audit profession,
  • marketing of the CA(SA) profession, and
  • stakeholder relationships