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15 February 2017

PEDA annual luncheon at the races: 3 Mar District: PE Bookings are open. Reserve your seat to avoid disappointment. For enquiries, email Simone Ma0-Cheia.

Small & Medium Practices Discussion Groups Western Cape is host to numerous, very active SMP Discussion Groups. Engage with people facing similar challenges and be in a better position to deal with the avalanche of regulation, compliance and legislation we all have to digest. Contact Viwe Mpangele.

Cape Town Tax Discussion Group Interested parties are invited to join the Tax Discussion Group. The Committee discusses various tax issues vexing practitioners. SARS has been invited to many of the sessions. Interested parties can email Viwe Mpangele.

Trainee Accountants Society (TAS) Established for all SAICA trainee accountants. Providing opportunities for trainees to meet socially, build networks and encouraging trainees to participate in charitable activities. Email

Operational Query Register (OQR) Please familiarise yourself with the OQR functionality for any unresolved SARS and CIPC queries when all other avenues have been exhausted.

Regional Member showcase Are you out of the ordinary, doing interesting things from a professional or personal perspective? We would like to showcase and celebrate your achievements. Email your portfolio to Carmen Whittles and if selected you will be featured in various SAICA media.Southern Region events Be sure to visit the Southern Region Facebook page to receive updates on upcoming and current event view photos from all our latest events.

Upcoming member engagement events: Q1 & Q2 Look out for these exciting events coming soon:

  • Exchanged Learning sessions: Month
  • New Members Welcoming event: Month
  • New Members & Part II Qualifiers event: Month
  • CA Exchange Mentorship: Month
  • Coffee sessions: Month
  • Business breakfast: Month

CIPC Latest CIPC notices:

  • Third party services
  • Self-help service terminal partners

Audit data analytics: Opportunities and tips In this article, senior financial management specialists from CFRR highlights how technological advances and new software solutions enable auditors to engage in audit data analytics.

The What, Why, and How of Cloud Computing for SMPs Read the article published on the IFAC’s website on the importance of cloud-based computing to SMPs.