Last Updated Monday, July 22, 2019 1:20:14 PM

Northern Regional Council

The Northern Region Council is established to assist SAICA in the discharge of its duty to foster a culture of continuous learning for the members and associates of SAICA, and also to enable them to enhance and maintain their professional competence and relevance.The Northern Region Council consists of a minimum of 15 members either elected by the respective Districts or appointed by the constituencies. In order to allow for the continuous flow of new ideas onto the Council, the terms of reference provide that a third of the existing members shall retire on annual basis and that the maximum term a member may serve on the Council is 9 years.The Council has established District Association Committees to assist in the execution of its responsibilities.The Council may from time to time, and in consultation with the Board Nominations Committee, nominate candidates to serve on relevant SAICA national interest group and/or technical committees.

Further information about the Northern Region or to reach one of the members, please contact the Regional office.

Click here for the full list of Council members and agenda's.