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Northern Region Contact Details

Contact List


NR Council President

Ronald Ncube
Email: ronald@nexia-sabt.co.za

NR Council Vice President

Xola Stock
Email: xstock@sars.gov.za

NR Past President

Pierrie Cronje
Email: pierrie.cronje@za.pwc.com

Regional Executive: Northern Region

Thuli Bamuza CA (SA)
Email: thulib@saica.co.za
Tel: 011 479 6965 Fax: 011 621 6908

Services Manager: Northern Region

Millicent Zikhali
Email: millicentz@saica.co.za
Tel: 011 479 6670 Fax: 011 621 6908

Events and Committee Assistant

Takalani Ambani
Email: takalaniA@saica.co.za
Tel: 011 479 6870 Fax: 011 621 6837

East Rand District

Jari Cerny
Email: saica.eastrand@saica.co.za / jaricerny@hotmail.com

Johannesburg district

Kagiso Baphela
Email: kagishob@gmail.com

Highveld District

Melani Lamprecht Email:saica.westrand@saica.co.za / melani.lamprecht@za.pwc.com

Limpopo district

John Stamp
Email: john@dzb.co.za / saica.limpopo@saica.co.za

Lowveld District

Lihle Mjaji
Email: ronald@nexia-sabt.co.za / saica.lowveld@saica.co.za

Pretoria District

Xola Stock
Email: xstock@sars.gov.za / saica.pretoria@saica.co.za

Vaal District

Hester McClintock
Email: himcclintock@gmail.com / saica.vaal@saica.co.za

WestRand District

Martin Barnard
Email: martinbarnard@b2square.co.za / saica.westrand@saica.co.za


Kagisho Bapela
Email: kagishob@gmail.com


Elaine Rabin
Email: carol.rabin@wits.ac.za


Wikus Lategan
Email:  wikus@calgrom3.com

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