Tax Committee

Last Updated Friday, May 29, 2015 08:39:13 AM

Tax Committee

The Eastern Region Tax Committee is similar to the National Tax Committee (NTC) on which the Eastern Region is represented.

The committee, which assists the NTC with input to draft legislation and with the resolution of operational problems, has been commenting on the Draft Revenue Laws Amendment Bill. It is at present continuously in discussions with SARS as it seeks resolution of the problems members experience with the new e-filing system for employers, as well as annual and provisional tax returns.

The committee's recent activities include:

  • Build and maintain a good professional relationship with SARS at a local level.
  • Assist the National Committee to review and monitor tax legislation and practice.
  • Promote and support amongst members of AICA, a culture of full and proper disclosure.

The Tax committee is representative of various districts as constituencies.

The Tax committee for 2014/2015 comprises of the following members:

  Tax Committee  
Name District
Brian Payne Chairman
Bradley Pearson  Deloitte
Carmen Wortmann  Academic (UKZN)
Chanelle Beukes EY
Deepa Moodley SARS Executive: Branch operations
Gary Noble  Durban
Genevieve Chubb  Midlands District Association
Goolam Gani Pietermaritzburg
Hans de Wet Zululand District Association
Jerry Maharaj Durban
Mike Burton Durban
Naeem Shahid


Neil Read  Southern District Association
Paul Gering


Yasmeen Suliman Vice-Chairman / Durban