Public Sector Committee

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Public Sector Committee

This committee's role is to influence public sector stakeholders in the region, and nationally, in order to heighten accountability in South Africa's public sector and to enhance professional public sector competency among SAICA members.
Members are drawn from different constituents in the region – for example, SAICA members, the Auditor-General, Local Government Traditional Affairs (LGTA), the Provincial Treasury and the Institute of Municipal Finance Officers (IMFO).

The committee meets quarterly and relies on a strategic plan to guide its activities. The meetings track achievements and map out strategy-related guidelines going forward.  In addition, the committee receives feedback from the different constituents and determines how to respond. Responses include providing guidance on documents being developed by stakeholders and communicating the feedback to SAICA's general membership.

The committee's recent activities include:

  • To influence and assist various stakeholders especially those in the Eastern Region with guidance and practices in the following areas, relating to the public sector:  
    • Public finance
    • Accounting standards (setting and implementation)
    • Financial management, including internal control systems and risk management
    • Corporate governance in the public sector, including audit committees and ethics
    • Internal and external auditing, and
    • Performance reporting and auditing
  • The aim is to promote high quality standards and legislation.
  • To seek to influence the setting of standards and guidance, by nominating member to the various stakeholders work groups or steering committees.
  • To enhance co-operation and communication between the profession, the public sector and various other stakeholders.
  • To assist in identifying training needs, ensuring the communication (and monitor implementation) thereof to appropriate SAICA departments.

The PSC committee for 2014/2015 comprises of the following members:

  PSC Committee  
Abubakr Essack  
Alexander Winterbach IIA
Dawood Kadwa  
Desmond Msomi  
Hans Hillermann Vice Chairman
Hermann Conradie  
Jayalakshmi Govender Public Entities/Eskom
Jayesh Bhagat  
Joey Krishnan DLGTA
Kiran Haribhai  
Kishore Kooverjee  
Mohammed Amod  
Nokuthula Shongwe DLGTA
Santanu Moodley Provincial Treasury
Shirley Tewary Chairman
Vanuja Maharaj AG
Vinesh Bhagwandin  
Yogeeta Rayan IMFO
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