Accountancy Profession Transformation & Education Committee (APTEC)

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Accountancy Profession Transformation & Education Committee (APTEC)

The primary role of the committee is to facilitate the entry of designated groups, as defined by the Employment Equity Act, into the profession through the implementation of equity development projects so as to ensure that the membership of SAICA will eventually reflect the demographics of the South African population. The committee delivers on its mandate through specific interventions at each and every level as described in the diagram below:

The committee's recent activities include:

  • To implement national policy within the region.
  • To provide feedback to the national committee on activities in the region.
  • To embrace the terms of reference of the national committee and to ensure their implementation.
  • To find ways of accelerating the entry of blacks into the profession in whatever form this may require.
  • Liaison with ABASA to ensure that there is no duplication in efforts to achieve common goals.
  • To ensure that suitably qualified members are nominated to serve on the national committee.

The APTEC committee has representation from the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

The APTEC committee for 2014/2015 comprises of the following members:

  APTEC Committee  
Ahmed Timol (Chairman)
Farook Karreem
Hopewell Mpungose (Vice Chairman)
Jane Oliva
Kevin Gertenbach
Kim Peddie
Kimmy Singh
Niraksha Sookraj
Jeff Dlamini (ABASA)
Mark Livingstone (UKZN)
Sipho Phakathi
Suresh Naidoo
Thuthu Mbhele
Vishwani Nirghin
Yusuf Kadwa
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