National Small and Medium Practice Interest Group


Word from the Chairman

In tough economic times, where new legislation is being promulgated at an unprecedented rate, Efiling issues are becoming the norm. As SARS unilaterally move ever forward into the IT age and client expectations are at a new high, the challenges facing advisors are significant.

Fortunately for us, the SMP CA(SA) advisor is currently very well positioned to advise clients in such matters. We are fortunate to have a technically strong institute who have the answers to many of our questions through the online technical query system on the SAICA website.

The SAICA SMP website should become your homepage as we try to cut through the delays in information dissemination. The OQR is an alternative channel for escalation of your SARS and CIPC frustrations; it doesn’t guarantee resolution, but is a tool which, if used widely by members, will become a powerful lobbying vehicle to address SARS and CIPC issues, and hopefully will result in your query being resolved as well.

As members, we need to participate in our discussion groups and use this channel of communication to escalate issues, interact with SARS and obtain guidance on technical matters. The discussion group is also a powerful vehicle for us to ask for the tools and support that we need from SAICA. The NSMP Interest Group is also considering the 5 pillars of SAICA’s strategy as it relates to SMPs going forward. Your feedback here in the discussion groups is crucial.

We have a strong voice if we choose to use it.

SAICA is trying to play a larger role in the SME space, and with the new government ministry for small business development headed by Minister Lindiwe Zulu being established, SAICA will look to engage with them on issues affecting SMEs, for example, access to finance. It is not often that we have such good news to share so we should all be optimistic about the future ahead for SMP CA(SA)s. Please participate in discussion groups and use the OQR so that your elected officials and the secretariat have the data behind them when they meet with relevant. - Afzal Khan CA(SA) 


Composition of the Interest Group

The NSMP Interest Group is currently composed of representatives from different regional Interest Groups and one co-opted member.
The representatives come from the following regional Interest Groups:

Central region: Three members
Eastern region: Two members
Northern region: Five members
Southern region: Two members

The chairman of this Interest Group holds a seat on SAICA National Council to ensure that the interests of the SMP are well promoted.

The role of the NSMP Interest Group is to identify the needs of, and promote the interests of members in small and medium practices within the framework of the profession and to encourage their participation in the profession.


NSMP-IG Representatives

Central Region Representatives
Cobus Steyn
Yolande Weldon

Eastern Region Representatives
Chantel Elliott
Faizal Suleman

Northern Region Representatives
Ian Mcnair
Lynette Roeloffze
Coen Stokes
Tzippy Subozsky

Southern Region Representatives
Afzal Khan (Chairman)

Co-opted Member
Natalie Brouwer
Kopano Xaba