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Every month your clients and prospective clients receive a personalised e-newsletter (view a sample here) sent to them via e-mail under your firm's compliments slip. The information in CA(SA)DotNews is short, simple and topical - information of practical interest and value to your clients, information that will encourage them to seek your advice and assistance. You will also receive the 'Accountant version' of CA(SA)DotNews before the 'Client version' is sent to your clients. The 'Accountant version' has case and other references for your use only with hyperlinks to our source material on the Internet.

Discounted Pricing

SAICA urges members to take advantage of the discounted price which it has negotiated for members - this highly effective and very professional marketing tool is designed specifically to benefit small and medium practices. There is a one-off set up charge of R500 excluding VAT. Thereafter all you pay is a monthly subscription fee of R495 excluding VAT for up to 500 clients (or R745 excluding VAT for 501 - 1,000 clients; please ask us to quote for larger client lists).


Full details of the system are on the CA(SA)DotNews website. You can choose which newsletter option is best for your firm by comparing them here and viewing samples here. The pricing quoted above is for the “Classic” newsletter option. DotNews also offers a full suite of marketing services integrated with your CA(SA)DotNews client newsletter, including Social Media, Websites, Blogs, Email Branding and other services – see the DotNews Services section for more.

CA(SA) April 2019 Headlines

South African Expatriates: How Will The Tax Exemption Loss Affect You?

  • How it works, and the “183/60 tax exemption”
  • Are you liable?
  • Should you emigrate as a resident?
  • Good or bad for employers and South Africa?

Companies: How Not To Inadvertently Encourage Decent People to Act Dishonestly

  • Leadership giving a bad example
  • Discouraging whistle-blowers and employees who speak up
  • Setting unrealistic goals
  • Setting conflicting goals

The CIPC Is Taking On Wrongdoing by Directors

  • What is going on and what is a Compliance Notice?

The implications for all directors

  • Sugar Tax: Good for the Taxman, Bad for the Sugar Industry
    • The Sugar Industry
    • SARS
  • Your Tax Deadlines for April 2019
  • Our New Tax Statistics and What They Tell Us
  • SARS Warns Taxpayers: “Use Only Registered Tax Practitioners”

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