Leaders in Finance Summit 2013

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The Leaders in Finance Summit

Over the past few the CFO role has evolved into an increasingly relevant strategic remit and a career destination itself. Recent global research indicates that CFOs see their career choice as one to be celebrated and not just the CEO's "right hand man" or a stepping stone to the CEO role. They have gained this position through their unique vision of corporate performance dynamics at the top.

In 2008, SAICA, after extensive research developed a model for the key focus areas of CFOs, which identified four roles:

- Planner and strategist;

- Compliance and transaction officer;

- Growth and innovation catalyst;

- Corporate governance, citizenship and people manager.

To perform the Compliance and Transaction Officer role the traditional technicals skills of IFRS, Audit, Controls, Tax, Legal and Regulatory, Reporting etc. are necessary. To transcend this role and play a more catalyst and strategic role skills such as Specialised Finance,Business Process Management, Systems, Analytics, Modelling, Responsible Leadership, Industry Knowledge, Business Knowledge, Stakeholder Engagement Skills, Media and Communications Management, Investor Relations , Innovation, etc. are becoming increasingly important. This is more so against the backdrop of the recent financial crisis which although has happened in 2008, global recovery has been very sticky. It is this environment that CFOs have to show their mettle.

Join us for a practical session with peers and indutry leaders that will help you enhance your role to the benefit of your organisation, help fast-track your development on the commercial/strategic fronts through practical shared insights and case studies, and help identify which additional skills you should emphasize to add greatest value.

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