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E-Advertising Rate Card

Did you know that 93% of more than 36 000 SAICA Members and Associates, as well as 11 000 trainee accountants, can be reached through electronic media? And did you know that through e-advertising with SAICA you are reaching the profession with the highest personal and professional buying power?

A recent salary survey by an independent international recruitment consultancy found that Chartered Accountants CAs(SA) are, on average, the highest paid professionals in the South Africa. The CA(SA) designation denotes the foremost accountancy and business qualification designation in the country. CAs hold influential positions in the business community, government and academic institutions. Their responsibilities cover finance, business management, information technology, e-commerce, taxation, auditing and a range of consultancy work.

Download the E-Advertising Rate Card (300Kb PDF)

Professional category Gender profile
Commerce and Industry: 48% Female: 25%
Public practice: 30% Male: 75%
Other (for example educational, government, other, retired, unemployed): 22%  


  Age Profile CAs, AGAs and AATs - June 2017  
Under 30 10.4%
30 - 39 39.5%
40 - 49 25.5%
50 - 59 11.2%
60+ 13.3%

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SAICA's Electronic Advertising Options

The SAICA website
A comprehensive electronic guide to the SAICA Secretariat and its activities and initiatives, offering information on accounting and other related topics. It covers news, events, interesting stories, SAICA press releases, exclusive member services, as well as access to specific constituencies such as Commerce and Industry, Small Practices and the SAICA Information Centre. There are also sections on related organisations, useful links and SAICA's business partnerships with other organisations. This site receives on average more than 22 600 hits per month.

Advertising sales For bookings contact: Matt Knight Project Director: Commercial Delivery and Business Development Tel: +27 71 785 7205 E-mail: mattk@saica.co.za

  Rates - Website Static Banner ad sizes  
Home page One month 3 months or more
173w x 142h - pixels R15 000 per month (excl. VAT) R22 000 for 3 months (excl. VAT)
Content page One month 3 months or more
173w x 142h - pixels R7 000 per month (excl. VAT) R15 000 for 3 months (excl. VAT)

All banners must be either in*.gif or *.jpg format.

Material deadline
A final copy of the content must be submitted 3 - 5 days prior to appearing on the website.

General conditions

  1. The customer acknowledges that he has read and agreed to the terms and conditions set out in this rate card, and in particular acknowledges that he has read and agreed to these general conditions.

  2. While every care is exercised, SAICA shall not be liable for errors in or the non-appearance of or the mispositioning of any advertisement howsoever caused and whether as a result of any negligent or grossly negligent conduct or omission on the part of SAICA. Any such error, non-insertion, or the like shall not invalidate a contract, nor shall SAICA become liable for any loss or damage including any consequential damage occasioned by such conduct or omission.

  3. The positioning of advertisements shall be entirely at the discretion of SAICA. SAICA shall retain the sole discretion to elect, to cancel or suspend any order in the event of having to reduce or restrict the size of its publication for any reason, or in the event of the customer failing to make payment, or making late payment for previous advertisements.

  4. SAICA reserves the right to alter, abbreviate or omit advertisements if they appear to be illegal, objectionable or defamatory for any reason whatsoever, and in this regard SAICA's decision shall be final and binding. Any such error, non-insertion, or the like shall not invalidate a contract, nor shall SAICA become liable for any loss or damage including any consequential damage occasioned by such conduct or omission.

  5. Customers' instructions must always be provided in writing before the booking deadline.

  6. Payment and proof of payment must be submitted before any advertising banners are placed onto SAICA's electronic media. If an advertiser already has a banner advert on the website and wishes to extend their contract, proof of payment for the extension period must be provided as the advertising banner will be taken off the website until proof of payment has been made.

  7. SAICA does not automatically renew existing advertiser's contracts. The onus is on the existing advertiser to renew the contract.

  8. Where an advertisement has not been inserted or inserted incorrectly, as a result of any error or omission by SAICA, SAICA shall at its sole discretion and without in any way admitting or incurring any liability whatsoever, be entitled to place such advertisement in a later edition, alternatively place a corrected version of any such advertisement in a alter edition.

  9. SAICA reserves the right to refuse any advertisements for products and services that are in direct competition with its own products and services.  

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