Approved providers

Last Updated Wednesday, August 13, 2014 12:15:48 PM


Approved Providers

In a quest to offer the best options to enable relevant lifelong learning and other offerings, SAICA has identified a number of prestigious training providers and affiliate associations with whom partnerships have been entered into. These providers provide discounts to members for attending their seminars and events. The approved providers also offer automatic CPD swiping facilities.

The following criteria applies to providers offering SAICA approved training courses:

  • Each training provider must offer high quality courses that would benefit our members in the disciplines on which SAICA has not traditionally focused, such as I.T. skills, payroll training and general management courses.
  • A selection of courses offered by each provider carries the 'This is a SAICA approved course" logo – not all courses offered by these providers have been approved.
  • Members must be able to obtain these courses at preferential prices.
  • Members will be able to automatically log CPD  by swiping their cards at the relevant SAICA approved course.

Approved Providers are: