MIB Members

Last Updated Thursday, April 7, 2016 3:08:45 PM

MIB Committee

The national MIB committee is a working committee, which aims to identify, discuss and resolve issues of national interest and importance. See its full terms of reference on the Committees section of this website. Know your representatives and raise issues with them. The current Committee members are as follows:


Shaun Osner, CA (SA)
Discovery Health (Pty) Ltd 
Contact details: e-mail: shauno@discovery.co.za
Tel 011 529 1260

He joined the National MIB Committee in March 2012 and was appointed as Chairman from July 2015. He is a member of the SAICA Board and serves on SAICA’s Finance Committee, IT Governance Committee and the Education Fund Committee. He is also the Chairman of the SAICA Medical Schemes Project Group, which he has been a member of since 2006.


Ismail Lambat CA (SA), CIA, MAP, MBA (cum laude)
Executive Manager: Capital Efficiency Eskom
Contact details: e-mail: ismail.lambat@eskom.co.za
Tel 011 800 4890

Ismail Lambat joined the National MIB Committee in March 2012 and he got appointed Vice-Chairman in August 2015.

He is the Head of the Capital Efficiency Department at Eskom. Having served articles at PricewaterhouseCoopers, specialising in the minerals and mining industry, he is a Chartered Accountant and a Certified Internal Auditor. Ismail is a member of several institutes including the Institute of Directors and serves on an Exco Subcommittee of SAICA. In his personal time he serves as a Trustee of a Non-Profit Organisation.

National Members in Business Committee    
Name Capacity Organisation email address Contact details
Shaun Osner Chairman Discovery health shauno@discovery.co.za 011529 1260-0837000731
Ismail Lambat Deputy Chairman Eskom ismail.lambat@eskom.co.za 011800 4890 - 082 761 7865
Keith Flack Eastern Region Alternate SAPS flackk@saps.org.za 031 325 4713 - 079 529 1031
Msulwa Daca Member National Student Finacial Aid Scheme   021 763 4731 - 083 281 3113      
Dale McLean Member River Energy dmclean@riverenergyco.com 0833803200 011 011 9000
Zaid Ismail Member ACSA zaid.ismail@airport.co.za 011723 1597 - 071 6830 894
Ian Short Central Region MiB Representative North-West University ian.short@nwu.ac.za (018) 285 2259
Jonathan Douglas Southern Region MiB Representative Rawson Property Group Jonathan.Douglas@rawsonproperties.com 0216587100
Kim Bromfield Committee Owner SAICA kimb@saica.co.za 011 621 9703 - 083 286 0951
Belina Ngomano Committee Assistant  SAICA bngomano@saica.co.za 011 621 6922 - 074 581 4378