Developments relating to Ethics and Articles

Last Updated Monday, July 6, 2020 9:44:50 AM


International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants® (IESBA®) released a completely rewritten Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants that is easier to navigate, use and enforce on 9 April 2018. Beyond the new structure, the Code brings together key ethics advances over the past four years, and is clearer about how accountants should deal with ethics and independence issues.


Handbook on Dealing with Municipalities Released:


A non-governmental organisation, EthicsSA, has produced a 30-page handbook with guidelines on providing services to local government. The booklet covers rules for businesses vying for municipal contracts including how to handle irregularly awarded tenders, as well as what constitutes ethical behaviour and corruption. Access the new handbook here.


Staff Publication on Fee Pressure:


The IESBA released a new publication in January 2016, Ethical Considerations Relating to Audit Fee Setting in the Context of Downward Fee Pressure, highlighting important considerations in the Code for auditors in relation to the setting of audit fees. It responds to stakeholder concerns regarding downward pressure on fees as a factor that can potentially adversely impact audit quality.



ASA Magazine March 2020

  • Data privacy compliance with a King IV mindset (Natasha Jansen, Lionel Moyal & J Michael Judin)

ASA Magazine December - January 2019

  • Individual integrity - The best defence against corporate failure (Auguste Coetzer and J Michael Judin)

ASA Magazine November 2019

  • Safeguards and the revised Code of Conduct (Uli Schackermann)
  • Referral fees or commissions (Malesela Les Montja)

ASA Magazine September 2019

  • The Fundamental Principles and conceptual framework (Daniela Coetzee)

ASA Magazine August 2019

  • Holding out and why it’s a problem (Henriette  Scholtz)

ASA Magazine April 2019

  • Highlights of changes in the Revised SAICA Code of Professional Conduct (Michael Dorfan)
  • New Long association Rules for Auditors (Hannes Myburgh)

ASA Magazine October 2018

  • Unpacking the Revised and Restructured Code (Sanele Sikhakhane)
  • Trust Reconstruction  (Juanita Steenekamp)

ASA Magazine March 2018

  • Maintaining Business integrity in a post-truth world (Rhys Robinsonn)
  • Ehical Dilemmas (Renate Scherrer)
  • Ethical Failures and the danger of over-regulation (Prof Deon Rossouw and Prof Leon van Vuuren)
  • The Ethicality of CAs(SA) on boards (Izel van Loggerenberg, Alicia van der Walt, Khosi Hlongwane and Prof Ben Marx)
  • The profit in business ethics (Mike Brown)